Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pictures of the Injured!

The x-ray pictures did not come out clear.


At 9/20/2006, Blogger eros in wunderland said...

Poor lad,
the same happened
to one of my own.

At 9/20/2006, Blogger alan said...

I always dreaded my sons getting hurt that way! My oldest did well 'til he got to college, then he managed to blow an ACL and break both collarbones in the space of about 18 months...

Somehow it's always harder when it's them instead of you!

Hope he feels better soon!


At 9/20/2006, Blogger Top cat said...

Ouch! get better soon cherish's son...and you take care too cherish.:)

At 9/20/2006, Blogger Snowelf said...

I guess the good thing is that the injury is only temporary.
Take care you guys!


At 9/21/2006, Anonymous xmichra said...

owwweee! poor Cherished dude.

Take care of yourself as well as this ones spirit. Worse than the injury is going to be his inability to play.. and i get that. I had the same thing with my knee and soccer. Darn near killed my spirit when i was young.

Poor guy :(

At 9/21/2006, Blogger Pirate said...

darn clavicals.

At 9/22/2006, Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

Poor guy...

I have never broken anything before. I bet it hurts like crazy.


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