Monday, August 07, 2006

Mid Life Fun

I've seen two shows lately that went on and on about how mid-life is a great time for women. Just last week Oprah had a whole show on how great menopause will be... Puh leeeeeeeze! I've had a few thoughts of my own and would like to share them with you. Whether you are pushing 30, 40, 50, 60 (or maybe even just pushing your luck) you'll probably relate.

Mid-life is when the growth of hair on our legs slows down. This gives us plenty of time to care for our newly acquired mustache.

In mid-life women no longer have upper arms, we have wing spans. We are no longer women in sleeveless shirts, we are flying squirrels in drag.

Mid-life is when you can stand naked in front of a mirror and you can see your rear without turning around.

Mid-life is when you go for a mammogram and you realize that this is the only time someone will ask you to appear topless.

Mid-life is when you want to grab every firm young lovely in a tube top and scream, "Listen honey, even the Roman empire fell and those will too."

Mid-life brings wisdom to know that life throws us curves and we're sitting on our biggest ones.

Mid-life is when you look at your-know-it-all, beeper-wearing teenager and think: "For this I have stretch marks?"

In mid-life your memory starts to go. In fact the only thing we can retain is water.

Mid-life means that your Body By Jake now includes Legs By Rand McNally-- more red and blue lines than an accurately scaled map of Wisconsin.

Mid-life means that you become more reflective...You start pondering the "big" questions. What is life? Why am I here? How much Healthy choice ice cream can I eat before it's no longer a healthy choice?But mid-life also brings with it an appreciation for what is important. We realize that breasts sag, hips expand and chins double, but our loved ones make the journey worthwhile. Would any of you trade the knowledge that you have now, for the body you had way back when? Maybe our bodies simply have to expand to hold all the wisdom and love we've acquired. That's my philosophy and I'm sticking to it!


At 8/05/2006, Blogger Top cat said...

LMA0!! the pictures and jokes are hilarious.
Thanks for the laughs today cherish.:)

At 8/07/2006, Blogger LocuTus of Borg said...

Ditto! 8) That is so funny - I am never going to hit mid-life ... I will always be young!! Cute pics sweetie - way to write about aging gracefully heehee

At 8/07/2006, Blogger cherish said...

TC: Happy you liked them!

LoB: I did not write these it was an email I received and I laughed my butt off!

At 8/07/2006, Blogger xmichra said...

Muuahaaaaa... hehe.. that was classic Cherish!

*I* do not intend to grow old gracefully at all. I am quite irked about it.. and i totally agree with the roman empire talk!

At 8/07/2006, Blogger Ceri said...

Heheeeehehheeeeeee! :)

At 8/07/2006, Blogger Gary said...

Great philosophy. I think we all should gracefully accept whatever stage of life we are in.

At 8/08/2006, Blogger alan said...

My wife has been going through some changes as she begins her second half century. One involves sleeping under a sheet, with the window unit air conditioner on her side of the bed set on high at 64 degrees.

I'm on the other side of the bed under the sheet, two blankets and a comforter, with the comforter pulled over my bald head and only my nose peeking out like a mummy sleeping bag!

I love her dearly...



At 8/08/2006, Blogger Lisa said...

LOL Love it! =)

At 8/08/2006, Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

LMAO I needed that, thank you, my friend!

At 8/08/2006, Blogger Fred said...

I wish we could avoid some of this stuff. The Missus went through her 50-something stuff and we laugh about it now.

This was a great post; I'm sure she'll enjoy it.

At 8/08/2006, Blogger Jim C said...

Oprah is a dope...YOU matter what age....age is a state of mind anyway :>)

Happy belated birthday!!!!

At 8/09/2006, Blogger cherish said...

XMichra: hehe I am happy you liked it! The email cracked me up. LOL you will age wonderfully!

Ceri: Thanks for stopping by!

Gary: I agree totally but sometimes it is easier said than done. Sometimes I look in the mirror and wonder where I went.

Alan: LOL I love to be freezing cold when I sleep it drives my hubby nuts.

Lisa: I am happy you enjoyed it!

Mr Fabulous: You are welcome my dear friend it is about time I paid you back for all the laughs you have given me!

Fred: I hope your wife enjoyed it! I am not looking forward to the change of life, eekkkss!

Jim: Thank you so very much!!!!!

At 8/10/2006, Blogger Still Searching... said...

Hee hee...


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