Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Here Comes Ernesto

Happy Labor Day Weekend! (If you are a duck, winks)

I am happy Ernesto is not a more powerful storm. I think this is the same track that Isabel took before paying us a visit in 2003. We are expecting a lot of rain and flooding with Ernesto. We have not had any rain and we are in dire of need of rain but unfortunately the ground is so hard from lack of rain that they are calling for much flooding because the ground will not be able to absorb the rain.

Here are some pictures of the aftermath Hurricane Isabel 2003 and the street where I live. (yes I know it could have been much worse)

My husband took my daughter to the Redskin game tonight. He ran into a few of his childhood friends. They were all checking out some girl and my daughter was OFFENDED. She let her dad know exactly how she was feeling about it. Go Daughter Go, GRINZZZZZZZZ! They were losing when my peeps left at halftime. Did you know the last time the Redskins lost all of their preseason games they won the superbowl. Heres hoping!!!!!!

Speaking of football!! My son's first game is Friday but I have a feeling it maybe rained out. Honestly, I hope it is cancelled. The game is on the Western shore and the last thing I want to do is go over the bridge on Friday of Labor Day Weekend, Arghhhhh!

I stole this from XMichra!!

Queen Fairy
Sophisticated and dignified, the Queen Fairy knows all about what you can do and what you can't do. She's an excellant leader, and likes being the one in control (not in a bad way; she likes to be the one that makes sure things are organized.) Some people might take her as being power-hungry, which makes her enemies, but even they can't deny that when there's a tough decision to make, the Queen Fairy is the one who should make it. Self-confident and always composed, she brings calm and efficiency wherever she goes, and makes other fairies feel more sure of themselves when she's around. She is probably the most respected fairy for miles around.

Update well Ernesto was no Isabel (THANK GOD)!!! Although he did break my flag pole holder, pulled it right off the flagpole, pouts. Hubby said he will fix it for me!


At 8/31/2006, Blogger :phil: said...

It looks rather bleak, doesn't it? I think we're up for most of the same being east coasters like we are. I am NOT ready to close the pool but the water has dropped below 70 degrees so it had better 'get it up' so to speak. Wow, I'm sorry you get flooding. We had a water problem in out basement when we got the house 3+ years ago. The first thing we did was put in a french drain and that got rid of the water that was coming up from the high water table. We live in a hilly area so there isn't much low land flooding.
I sure as hell can go on about boring things can't I?

At 9/01/2006, Blogger cherish said...

Awww I remember as a child closing the pool always signaled the true end of summer.

Where I live it is completely flat. When my kids were little if we went to someone's house that had a hill in their yard you would find my kids just running up and down the hill. I remember my brother in law saying to my husband havent your kid ever seen a hill? We do not have basements here because we live on an island, all we have is a crawl space under our houses. Chuckles you were not going on and on!

At 9/01/2006, Anonymous xmichra said...

wow.. i think i would be terrified if a hurricane were comming. And that did look worse than any rain storm i have experienced... so you don't need to justify your wording Cherish. Misfortune is just bad.

And how lovely are you Queen Fairy!!! heheh... i am really happy everyone is choosing to do that quiz, it's so cute!

And for shame sake.. oogling a girl with your daughter there? He desirves to be read the riot act! silly men.

At 9/01/2006, Blogger LocuTus of Borg said...

Ummm no sorry cherish - but the 'skins arent going to do it this year ... because the Patriots are!! >:P

Well here is hoping that you don't get washed away with all the water. The "Tropical Storm" Ernesto was kinda of a dud for us - so no complaining here.

At 9/01/2006, Blogger Top cat said...

I hope you will be all right, you and your family(and dog)will be in my thoughts and prayers cherish.

Those aftermath pictures really show what one of these storms can do, thank goodness your house was ok.

I took the test..I'm a:
The Light Fairy is good. That doesn't mean she's a goody-goody, it just means when she has to make a decision, she'll make the right choice. She's very nice, but she's also got a sense of humor. She's sweet, but very strong-willed. She depends on her friends (and they depend on her) but if they do something she thinks isn't right, she's not going to do it with them just to be part of the group. The Light Fairy is normally good-natured and preaceful, but she gets angry (really angry) when someone hurts or treats someone else unfairly. And she certainly isn't going to just stand around doing nothing about it! Other than the times she's depressed or mad about unfairness, the Light Fairy likes to have fun and enjoy life.

I like light and like fairies so this probably fits me well.
Thank cherish and thanks xmichra for sharing this.

At 9/01/2006, Blogger Snowelf said...

I lived in SC when Hugo hit and we didn't have any of the flooding, cause luckily we lived inland enough, but our power was out a LOOOOONG time.
I hope it's not too terrible! I can bet FEMA will be acting as quickly as possible after this huricane.

You are SO totally a Queen Faerie, Cherish!! :)

At 9/01/2006, Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

Wow--well, hopefully it will not be that bad this time around.

I'll be thinking of you. Stay dry!

At 9/01/2006, Blogger Pirate said...

Go redskins. Stop hurricanes.

At 9/01/2006, Blogger gunngirl said...

That flooding is terrible! I'd have to move, the fear of another flood would force me out.

I love the fairy.

At 9/02/2006, Blogger cherish said...

XMichra: I always find myself worrying that someone who suffered worse than we did would be offended by my post.

Yeah the Queen of Mean will take care of her dad everytime!

LoB: The best hurricane is the ones that end up being duds!

*Ahem* Patriots?????

TC: Thank you so much! We held up very well! WOW that fairy really describes you!

Snowelf: Thanks!!! The Queen Fairy woo hooo!!!!
Hugo was bad I am happy you were on high ground!

Mr. Fab: Thank you so much we did very well!

Pirate: YOU ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

WElcome back and GO SKINS!

Gunn: yeah.. it is pretty scary but it is your house and I guess we stay because we love it here!


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