Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Celebrating the 18th Anniversary of my 21st Birthday

Last week I celebrated my ~gulps~ 39th birthday but more accurately it is the 18th anniversary of my 21st birthday. **smiles** Yes ahhh much better! Normally I am not a big birthday person. I do not tell people when it is my birthday because it embarrasses me if people are wishing me happy birthday. (Yes I know SILLY, I was dropped on my head as a baby) I have decided to blog about this birthday for several reasons.

My first reason is the birthday lion sitting on my desk in the picture below. One of my fantastic blogging buddies sent me that lion for my birthday. He figured out when my birthday was by doing some math with the birthday calculator I posted on July 3rd. Honestly I did not think that far in advance to think someone would be able to figure out my birthday, but moreso I never thought anyone would even care about me that much to figure out my birthday by the calculator. Is that the most thoughtful thing you have ever experienced. I could not believe that someone thought I was special enough to figure out my birthday, it totally floored me. I was so humbled by this act of kindness. I received a wonderful card and that beautiful lion the day before my actual birthday. The lion is so soft and cuddly. Everytime I look at Leo (my birthday lion) sitting on my desk it makes me smile so big. I truly feel cherished!!!! So I wanted to say thank you very much for the birthday lion and for making me feel special. Here is a picture of my office, my desk and my awesome lion!!!!

My second reason is the hysterical cake my sister in law made for me. Here is a picture of it:

Is this the funniest thing ever??? It looks like a litter box with little turds in it. I laughed so hard when they brought this out with candles in it. It really looks like a litter box too. The turds are tootsie rolls that you put in the microwave for 30 seconds then twist the ends. The litter is crushed cookies. I have never seen anything like this so I wanted to share it with my wonderful friends!

My husband bought me a Nintendo DS. I am so excited about this game system thingy. Now I will have something to do during football practice. hehe... It is pretty cool!!! Well if the kids will let me touch it. GRINZZ~
I have the following games:

I am ready to go now lets get playing!!!

I am hoping tomorrow will be the day I can visit some blogs. I am so out of touch with my wonderful and awesome friends. Please know I am thinking of all of you and missing you immensely!


At 8/09/2006, Blogger xmichra said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! OMGZ, i am shocked! I had no idea! *sobs for incompitance*...

hope you have (had) a wonderful birthday anyway!! And the leo is fabulous (is that from TC?) the games look like so much fun. i am thinking i may have to wish for one of those conctraptions for x-mas!

OH, and you know Michael from my sidebar?? He made one of those cakes last year.. he said it was delish. Looks super gross though.. hehe.

At 8/09/2006, Blogger LocuTus of Borg said...

Happy Birthday cherish!! Did you mention it was your birthday a while ago?!? You need to give us some heads-up on things like this :P! That gift must be real nice to have during those long football practices heehee - next get the PSP then you can watch movies haha!

At 8/09/2006, Blogger Tim ID said...

Happy belated birthday, Cherish! I would never have guessed you were a Leo. I'm jealous of your Nintendo DS! Enjoy!

PS: Our cats provide those types of cakes every day. :)

At 8/09/2006, Blogger cherish said...

XMichra: Thank you :D:D I can not tell who my secret birthday buddy is Miss Xmichra ~winks~. I think you should get one of these thingys they are soooooo much fun. I am already checking out games for Christmas. I am getting either Mario or Brain Academy tomorrow, hubba hubba!

LoB: Thank you so much! I have my lap top to view movies and Nintendo to play games I am set!!! Grinzzzzzzz

Tim: Thank you very much!! Everyone always says I am typical Leo. The Nintendo Ds is awesome!!!!!!! Lots of fun!

At 8/09/2006, Blogger Nikki said...

Hope you had a great birthday!
Best Wishes for today and always!

At 8/09/2006, Blogger Top cat said...

WOW! Happy Birthday cherish.
Oh to be 39 again..(smiles)
All of us blogging buddies love you, you leave the sweetest comments, support us, make us laugh and think with your posts.

I love the picture of your desk, all the things on it and the lion looks so cute.
It's so nice to see your working environment.:)

LMAO..the cat litter cake is hilarious..I love it.
I agree, I've seen too many of the real things in our house on a busy day.LOL


At 8/09/2006, Blogger xmichra said...

i'm sorry!! I am an addicted to guessing!! *shame on me*.. no more buggin' i promise!

At 8/10/2006, Blogger alan said...

The Happiest of Belated Birthdays my friend, and may you have a 100th anniversary of your 18th somewhere down the road!


At 8/10/2006, Blogger cherish said...

Niki: Thank you so much it was great a birthday!

TC: Thank you for your kind words!! You are just too sweet for words! Leo is as cute as cute can be but not as cute as you!!!

XMichra: For shame for shame on you little missy... hehehe GRINZ and Winks... You are better than me I would have bugged the hell out of myself to find out who it was. Laughs!

Alan: Thank you very much!

At 8/10/2006, Blogger Still Searching... said...

Happy Birthday Dear Cherish. A lovely post. And that cake is freaking HILARIOUS!!

At 8/10/2006, Blogger gunngirl said...

I love the cake!!!! Happy Birthday!!

Oh and Nintendo DS? Get Nintendogs!!

I love Tetris too. Very addicting. Hope you had a good B-Day.

At 8/10/2006, Blogger Big Ben said...

39! Wow - congrats. That cake was cool, hope you didn't leave it on the floor. You don't want to eat a real Tootsie roll.

At 8/12/2006, Blogger Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

Happy Birthday! I like that litter bin idea. Hmmm gonna do that to my friend's bday!

Anyway, i thought it was worms...

At 8/13/2006, Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

Story of my life, always a little late...

Happy belated birthday to a very special lady with an awesome heart!

At 8/13/2006, Blogger Fred said...

Happy Birthday, Cherish! Nice cake..it looks positively yummy. :)

At 8/15/2006, Blogger Lisa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! We are both Leo's =) Hope your day was great!

At 8/15/2006, Blogger Gary said...

You showed us how that cake looked, but you forgot to tell us how it TASTED. :)

At 8/16/2006, Blogger cherish said...

Still Searching: Thank you!!!! I know I laughed my butt off over it!

Gunn: I just got Mario and I am addicted!!! I heard Nintendogs was awesome, maybe a good Christmas gift!! Thank you smiles!

Big Ben: Thanks!! Good Idea I will have to keep that cake out of site of any prowling cats.

RHSP: We make dirt pudding and put gummy worms in it. But these are tootsie rolls to look like little turds. Thanks for stopping by.

Mr. Fabulous: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!

Fred: Thank you so much and it was YUMMY!!!!

Lisa: Wooo Hooo Leos always like each other, grinz we do not like anyone else but we like each other, hehe!

Gary: It was delicious!!! Under the crumbled cookies was an eclair cake.


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