Thursday, June 01, 2006

Yeah!!! 6 Life Terms!!

Muhammad gets 6 life terms in Md. I think that says it all!!!!! This crazy bastard will never walk the streets again. Muhammad is the sniper that was shooting people in the Maryland, Washington, and Virginia area. He has already been condemned to death in Virginia. Lets hope every state he murdered in or commited a crime will prosecute him so there is no chance he will ever see the light of day again.

I wrote a post about this back in January. Click here if you are interested in reading my post called Innocence Lost. The post was about my children and this crazed psycho; the fear, panic and unknown terror that he put our family through.

I have been tagged by Tim to list six weird facts about myself. hehe.... This is taking me a while because I am just so darn normal that I am not sure I could find one weird fact about me. okay OKAY stop laughing... I have been busy at work and not able to work on the tag. I will most definitely post tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest. Thanks for thinking of me Tim!!! Stop over and check out Tim's great blog he is an absolute wiz with photoshop, click here to visit Tim.

Have a great day and may I say TGIT!!! Because I am off tomorrow, hehe!!!

And yes I love the hyper link button stop judging me. Hmmmmm that maybe one of my weird things, I LOVE to hyper link. GRINZZZZZ!!!!!!!!


At 6/01/2006, Blogger StringMan said...

Nice to see some resolution to the case, and another nut taken out of commission.

Can't wait for the weirdnesses to be revealed in your next post! (rubs hands together excitedly)

At 6/01/2006, Blogger Sonya said...

You are so up on the news better than me. I didn't know he got sentenced. He should be hung.

At 6/01/2006, Blogger Fred said...

Lucky Tim. He's the object of your hyperlink today. :)

At 6/01/2006, Blogger Big Ben said...

I'm glad they caught - now they gotta fry him!

At 6/01/2006, Anonymous xmichra said...

i love hyperlinks too :)
Can't wait for the list!

At 6/02/2006, Blogger LocuTus of Borg said...

Wow 6? I am glad for that too because I can not understand what would ever possess a person to do something like that.

Heehee Tim :) Have a great weekend and enjoy your day off ;)!

At 6/02/2006, Blogger cherish said...

Stringman: I agree with you!!! Psycho in the pen...
HEY You are suppose to be shocked that I even have 6 weird things about me.

Sonya: I AGREE!! He is on death row in Virginia.

Fred: Grinzzz

Ben: I guess they will fry him eventually but you know he has appeals for like 11 or so years I believe. I am not sure but I know it is a long time.

XMichra: You are my kind of girl, grinzzzzzzzzzzz...

LoB: I know it is pretty shocking that someone as normal as me would have six things, eh? GRINZZZZZ You have a good weekend too my friend!

At 6/03/2006, Blogger Puffin said...

Yes ma'am. Virginia is gonna get him. The ducking behind your car doors when filling up your tanks sucked. Being afriad to walk your kids from the car into the school building was terrible. That bastard needs to fry!

At 6/03/2006, Blogger cherish said...

Puffin: KEWL Car!!! You arent kidding it sucked so much. I swear that was pure terror. I honestly hated riding by the schools with the blinds down, it brought tears to my eyes that the kids were told the were not allow near any windows or doors. I tell you I would love to thank that truck driver that turned them in. His is the forgotten hero in this tragedy.


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