Thursday, June 01, 2006

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Tim ID tagged me for six weird facts about me. Well I was tagged by Sonya for my six weird things in April, click here for that post. I thought I did a post for Top cat on four weird habits but I could not find it. I am not sure what I named it. You would think I would run out of weird things about me. hmmmm???

I also did 101 things about me so I think my blogging friends know more about me than anyone in my real life would care to know.

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1. I do not mind if the dishes in the sink are piled to the ceiling but I can not stand anything on the counters. But the dishes in the sink have to have soap and water in them. Chuckles I have no idea why?

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2. When I work my desk is a complete wreck, papers, binders and books everywhere. But when I leave at night my desk has to be completely cleaned and everything in it's place. It takes me about 15 minutes to clean up my computer (to delete my blogging history grinz), put everything away, make sure everything (staplers, roledex, envelope licker, tape dispenser ect...) is lined up and exact order. Everyone laughs at me when the see me straightening my desk. When I come in to work in the morning I want everything in it's place but within 5 minutes it is a complete wreck again!!

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3. I love to cuddle but I do not like to be cuddled. hehe... I can not stand being held it is very confining to me. I hate wearing my seatbelt. I love to lay with my head in my husband's lap or on his shoulder. I love to wrap my arms around him and snuggle in. If I am spooning I like to be in the back if it is for snuggling not hubba hubba. **blushes**

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4. I do not like knick knacks. I do not like pictures on my walls. We took all the pictures off our walls to paint almost three years ago and I can not bring myself to put them back up. I like the walls clear, I do not like blinds or curtains but I do have them. I like them to be open so I am able to see out of all the windows.

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5. Elevators frighten me a second before the door open. I am fine getting into the elevator, riding the elevator but I find myself praying as soon as my floor number dings, I silently pray please God open the door. This panic sets in then the door opens and I breathe.

Paper towels
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6. Everyone laughs at me about this next thing, I think it is perfectly normal but I figure if everyone else is laughing it must be weird. When I am at work I keep a roll of paper towels in my desk. I will not use any other papertowels but the one in my desk. That is because I opened those papertowels and I know they were in plastic. My reasoning is if you go back and take a roll of papertowels that are already open you do not know what those paper towels were used for before you grabbed them. Someone could have had that roll of towels cleaning the bathroom, they are grabbing inside the roll with UGHHH hands or gloves that has been cleaning a public toilet or they could have sat them down on the floor of the bathroom, arrrrgggghhhh.... So I have my "special" paper towels and I will only use them!!!! At home I keep my paper towels that I clean the bathroom with separated from all the other paper towels. As you can imagine cleaning the bathroom is a huge ordeal for me too. But THICK plastic gloves, lots of antibacterial soap, and a hot shower immediately following the cleaning helps me get through the very difficult task of cleaning the bathrooms. Oh and when I clean the bathrooms I will not do anything else. I start cleaning and do not stop until I am finished, no phone calls, no computer time, no snacks UGGHH, no nothing.... I want to clean the bathroom than shower before I join the world again. I always buy LOTS of papertowels because I will not use a dish towel or sponges they are a germ haven. I only use paper towels.

Wishing EVERYONE an absolutely FANTASTIC weekend!!!!!!!!!!!


At 6/02/2006, Blogger gunngirl said...

First post, hee. Anyway, good point about the paper towels.

I like snuggling too, interesting about the confining. I like to be held and snuggled and safe. I sleep all curled up too, maybe it's just me.

I don't like glass elevators. I don't want to watch where I'm zooming up and down too. I close my eyes whenever someone can hustle me into getting on one.

At 6/02/2006, Blogger boo said...


At 6/02/2006, Blogger boo said...

have a gr8 weekend sweets :)

At 6/03/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

cherish, always something NEW to learn about you.
Great list, thanks for sharing.:)

At 6/03/2006, Blogger Fred said...

Terrific list! Nothing wrong with "special" paper. It's all about you.

Have a great weekend!

At 6/03/2006, Blogger Gary said...

I wouldn't call any of those weird, but I would call them fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

At 6/04/2006, Blogger StringMan said...

Blank walls. It's always an issue in the StringHouse when we paint the walls: it takes years to put pictures and paintings back up because my wife cannot stand to make a hole for the nail, and thereby blemish the otherwise pristine walls.

You would absolutely hate one of the elevators where I work: it makes this incredible vibration just before it stops, and it has a little jolt as well. I take the stairs a lot because of it.

At 6/04/2006, Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

I like it when women have their head in my lap :)

At 6/05/2006, Blogger :phil: said...

You are very complex Cherish

At 6/05/2006, Blogger Tim ID said...

I'm sorry, Cherish, you've been through more than your fair share of tags. But they were pretty entertaining weird things. :)

At 6/06/2006, Blogger Rob said...

It all sounds very normal to me, Cherish! (Of course, I think Woody Allen, Michael Jackson, Tawny Kitaen, and Shannen Doherty are perfectly normal too! lol)

Just kidding! This was a good list, very insightful, and well-written! I'll be back... :-)

At 6/06/2006, Blogger Ben O. said...

Yep, spooning's pretty great alright.

Ben O.

At 6/07/2006, Blogger cherish said...

GunnGirl: Wooooo I love being the first post but I rarely get that honor anymore since my time is so limited well my blogging time is limited you know I have 7th grade homework to do.

I think we need to get together and take the stairs, grinzzzzzz

Boo: Huggles

TC: I am surprised people are not getting sick of seeing my weird habits, haha...

Fred: I am soooo HAPPY you are back!! Thank you and I hope your weekend was awesome.

Gary: Kisses for not calling me weird. GRINZ!

Stringman: I would take the stairs too!! I think Lady String and I would get along fine! hehe

Mr. Fabulous: GRINZ I bet you do!!

Phil: Hmmm complex eh? My mom says I am special, like the short yellow bus special, chuckles thanks for stopping by!

Tim: Do not worry I love being tagged!

Rob: I think we will get along fine than!! Thank you for commenting and I hope to see you again!

Ben: Hey Ben spooning is awesome!

Thank you to everyone who commented or visited my blog!! I hope you have a great week!!!!!!!

At 6/19/2006, Blogger Snowelf said...

OMG, Cherish--I have that EXACT same goota have clean counters thing! I thought I was the only one. Stuff can be in the sink, but NEVER left out on the counters. I'm not nuerotic after all...or perhaps I am and there are two of us now! ;)


At 6/19/2006, Blogger cherish said...

Yeahhhhh Snow!!!!!!


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