Friday, June 30, 2006

I Am Back With Sun Kissed Skin!

We had a great vacation!

As horrible as the weather was on the East Coast it was amazingly good for the most part at the Jersey Shore! YEAHHHH!!!!!!!!! We had two days of rain but both days cleared up by the late afternoon.

Here is a picture of my daughter minus her head.

Here is a picture of a Nemo kite that was so awesome. I told my husband I wanted one but I wanted a purple sea horse. ~POUTS~ He could not find one before we left.
Here is a picture of the shoreline it was a hazy day.
Here is a picture of my son minus his head. My son went skin boarding and boogie boarding all week.

As we vacationed in New Jersey we were glued to the television as it was reported Maryland was flooding from the torrential rains. They were saying hurricane rain without the high winds. We were very concerned because on the New Jersey news they were reporting that the Eastern Shore of Maryland was flooding the worst. We stayed in contact with our neighbors and our house did well. Thank God!!!!!!!!

Click here for the story if you are interested.

I am leaving kisses for all my Italian ancestors because everyone was burning like crazy at the beach because it was hazy and overcast. My poor husband was sun burned even though he had 30spf (water and sweat proof) sun screen on. But the kids and I are sun kissed brown no sun burn and we did not even have on sunscreen.

Oh yeah and I was bit by a bug that crawled up my shirt sleeve biting me several times. OOOOO did it every hurt. The bad thing was I did not even get a chance to kill the little bastard it flew away. Well immediately my neck started tingling. I could feel this weird slightly painful sensation crawling down my arm from the bites and up my arm from the bites. Then my lip swelled up and my face was tingling. But after about 5 hours my lip started going down and the tingling left as well. I had three big bites and two small bites that spread together and then disappeared. VERY WEIRD and a bit frightening. I did not want to go to the hospital.

Here are some funny pictures, I hope they bring a smile to your face.

T.G.I.F. Enjoy your weekend. I missed everyone immensely! Thank you so much for ALL the wonderful comments!!!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Some Thoughts Before Vacation


Cheerleading tryouts (For the Competitive Team)were last week. My daughter went to the first try out which is learning the routine than they go back to actually try out. Well the early morning of the tryouts my girl was SICK SICK SICK... I was freaking out. So I brought her to the try out and she laid in my car the poor baby. She could not stand up because she had the stomach flu so bad. Trust me it was not a pretty flu bug. It attacked my son, then my daughter, then my husband and finally me. UGHHHH I felt as if I would have died. I spoke to the coach and she said do not worry about it we know what she can do. So we held our breath for two days until the list was posted. SHE MADE THE TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are VERY VERY happy!! She has to master a back handspring before August so she still may be cut from the team.

I want to thank my wonderful Blogging Buddies!!!

Stringman, TC and Xmichra

for visiting my friend's blog and leaving a comment. I asked people to stop by and see my friend's photo blog about Montana. He has taken some amazing pictures and posted them at his photo blog. Well I remember how discouraging it was when I first started my blog and I had no comments. I can remember getting so excited when I received my first comment. So I told my friends Turbo would pay me five dollars per comment if they said Cherish sent me. Hehe... So he owes me 15 dollars, grinzz... Thank you again Stringman, TC and Xmichra!!! Please stop by and see Stringman, TC and Xmichra because they have AWESOME blogs!!!!!!! I mean AMAZING blogs!!!! Go visit them and see how great their blogs really are, you will thank me!

Father's Day

I wished my husband a Happy Father's Day. I wished my brother a Happy Father's Day. I wished my blogging buddies Happy Father's Day, I sent some Happy Father's Day cards to very special fathers in my life. Guess who I forgot to wish a Happy Father's Day to??? Dang you all are good!!! hehehe... You guessed it, I forgot to wish my Dad a Happy Father's Day, OOPPPSSS!! I mention that here because I do feel a bit guilty for forgetting him.

This is the Dad I wanted. But it is not the Dad I had.

My mind is saying he was never a father to you. He never wanted you, loved you, cared for you or protected you. I feel I have some major issues because of how I was treated by my dad.But my heart is saying how very sad he must have felt that his daughter did not wish him a Happy Father's Day. The funny thing is I imagine him waiting for the call and feeling sad, but knowing my dad he did not give it a second thought. Weird, eh?

I have been absolutely swamped at work this week trying to prepare for my absence. Plus the third week of the month is ALWAYS my busiest week at work. So I have been working from home at night trying to get everything done. So I am hoping to visit everyone's blog tonight before I leave for vacation. I feel I have neglected my friends and I am sorry. I have been busy non stop at work so I hope everyone understands!!!

Next I want to celebrate the freedom of release, there was a situation that has been haunting me for about a year. This situation has now come full circle and I feel so free now. I am floating!!!!I have been struggling with this situation. The feeling inside me was like I was lost and sinking. I felt as if I was drowning and no one could help me. I actually started this blog back in August because of the pain I was feeling.

Have you ever felt like you had a weight on your shoulders or around your neck? If so then you know what I am talking about. Then when the weight is lifted and you feel as if you can fly. Well I feel as if the weight is lifted and I am flying high.
Through blogging I have met some wonderful friends. I appreciate all the support I have received from them. They kept me a float during this difficult time period. I would like to thank my very special friends for all your words of encouragement and support!!!! Also for listening and being there when I needed a shoulder to cry on.

We are heading the Jersey Shore for a week's vacation. Two cheerleading competitions in Florida have cost us almost 6 thousand dollars and a week at the beach is about all we can afford. The kids are not even excited about going. This makes me very sad. They do not want to leave their friends, computer, xbox, playstation, and nintendo. My son actually asked if he could take his playstation and games. GRRRR.. This is the first year the kids are not excited about going away. I think it is the begining of the end. I guess at 13 and 14 their friends are much more exciting than their old parents. I know once they get their they will have fun. We had considered bringing a friend for each kid with us on vacation but after much thought I decided against it. Number one I want to hang out with my kids without their friends because at home the friends are always over our house. Number two I thought two more mouths to feed, cost of rides and games at the piers, nahhhhh let their parents take them on vacation. GRINZ!! Well both kids were disappointed but understood.
So as of right now I am on vacation until July 5th! I am going to bring my lap top but I doubt there will be a wireless connection but here's hoping!

I will miss all my dear blogging friends! I will be thinking of all of you when I am sitting in my beach chair, swimming in the ocean, shopping, or riding on the rides.

I look forward to catching up on everyone's blogs when I return!! Have an ABSOLUTELY wonderful week!!!!!!

Miss me please and Leave me lots of comments!! GRINZZZZ!!!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

You Might Be a RedNeck if....

Monday, June 19, 2006

CLAUDE MONET 1840—1926


In my opinion he is the most amazing artist of all time. I can sit looking at his work for hours. His paintings speak to me with such beautiful color and tone. When I look at his pictures I walk in his garden, I feel his sunset, and I sit on the raft with my feet soaking in the water. His paintings bring me joy, sorrow, inspiration, sadness, happiness and great thought.

Information about Claude Monet:
Monet, Claude 1840—1926, French landscape painter, b. Paris. Monet was a founder of impressionism. He adhered to its principles throughout his long career and is considered the most consistently representative painter of the school as well as one of the foremost painters of landscape in the history of art.As a youth in Le Havre, Monet was encouraged by the marine painter Boudin to paint in the open air, a practice he never forsook. After two years (1860—62) with the army in Algeria, he went to Paris, over parental objections, to study painting. In Paris, Monet formed lasting friendships with the artists who would become the major impressionists, including Pissarro, Cézanne, Renoir, Sisley, and Bazille. He and several of his friends painted for a time out-of-doors in the Barbizon district.Monet soon began to concern himself with his lifelong objective: portraying the variations of light and atmosphere brought on by changes of hour and season. Rather than copy in the Louvre, the traditional practice of young artists, Monet learned from his friends, from the landscape itself, and from the works of his older contemporaries Manet, Corot, and Courbet. Monet's representation of light was based on his knowledge of the laws of optics as well as his own observations of his subjects. He often showed natural color by breaking it down into its different components as a prism does. Eliminating black and gray from his palette, Monet rejected entirely the academic approach to landscape.In his later works Monet allowed his vision of light to dissolve the real structures of his subjects. To do this he chose simple matter, making several series of studies of the same object at different times of day or year: haystacks, morning views of the Seine, the Gare Saint-Lazare (1876—78), poplars (begun 1890), the Thames, the celebrated group of Rouen Cathedral (1892—94), and the last great lyrical series of water lilies (1899, and 1904—25), painted in his own garden at Giverny (one version, a vast triptych c.1920; Mus. of Modern Art, New York City).In 1874 Sisley, Morisot, and Monet organized the first impressionist group show, which was ferociously maligned by the critics, who coined the term impressionism after Monet's Impression: Sunrise, 1872 (Mus. Marmottan, Paris). The show failed financially. However, by 1883 Monet had prospered, and he retired from Paris to his home in Giverny. In the last decade of his life Monet, nearly blind, painted a group of large water lily murals (Nymphéas) for the Musée de l'Orangerie in Paris.Monet's work is particularly well represented in the Louvre, the Marmottan (Paris), the National Gallery (London), the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Art Institute of Chicago. It is also included in many famous private collections.BibliographySee biographies by W. C. Seitz (1960) and C. M. Mount (1967); Claude Monet: Life and Art (1995) by P. H. Tucker; studies by J. House (1986), D. Skeggs (1987), and M. and J. Guillaud (1989).