Monday, May 29, 2006

Hodgepodge Part II


My thoughts, prayers and unconditional support goes out to all our troops at home and abroad. Thank you to all the troops past, present and future for your service to our country. My deepest condolences to everyone who has had a loved one that died while serving our country and protecting our freedom. I am very proud to be an American and I am very proud of our military!!!!

WOW I still have a bunch stuff floating around in my head. I think it is because I do not have time to post every day so when I have the opportunity to post I have many things to talk about.


I did a post in November about past loved ones. I had just lost grandmother and was remembering those who I loved and had passed on. Click here if you would like to visit that post. There is also information about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on the same post, so if you are interested in the reading about the Unknown Soldier please click here. This weekend I have been thinking about loved ones who have passed on and also thinking about our military. I just wish they could come home so we do not have to lose any more soldiers over there.

Cheerleading Update:

My daughter made the highschool team!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhh!!! We are very proud of her! She is very excited and happy but is trying to figure out if she really wants to cheer for school sports. So she may not accept her invitation. On the positive side this is the first year that our county is considering cheerleading a sport so they will be entitled to funding. In prior years the parents had to fund everything. Which is very hard because I know I am already tapped out paying out the you know what for competitive cheerleading.

Update on the Boy aka my son:

He is still daydreaming at school. I truly can not understand why I can not get him to understand the importance of his failing grades. It is almost like he has already thrown in the towel. I have a feeling he will be participating in summer school. If he receives a D or an E in anything he will be going to summer school for that subject.

He has been cleaning his room all day. It is a beautiful day but he is in his room laying in his mess.

Update: He finished his room. I am SHOCKED!!! AMAZED!!! and VERY Happy!!! I am sure his entire mess is under his bed or hidden somewhere in his room but when I walk by his door it looks great so I do not care. hehe I may care tomorrow but not today!

Beautiful Day:

It is an absolutely beautiful day. A nice calm breeze, sun shining, and low humidity. My daughter has been spending all her time at either the community pool or the community private beach. She eats breakfast and then she is gone. Thank God for cell phones because I find myself calling her every hour. This is the first year we are allowing them to go to the beach and pool by themselves. They are both private and you need an ID to get into the pool or onto the beach but still they are my babies. Last year they begged and begged to be allowed to go alone but I was not ready. I am not ready this year either but my husband said they need to spread their wings.

What the heck happened to my daughter?

She was cute and cuddly. Fun and enjoyable to be with. My husband and I remember when we were the most important people in her life. Fast foward 7 years, UGHHHH:

Now she is ONLY interested in her friends and her boyfriend, they are her everything now.

Computer Time Vs A Jealous Spouse:

I have been reading on different people's blogs about their spouses not being very happy with their time spent on the computer. My husband is slowly training me not to get on the computer. Little looks, little comments and silence makes me feel guilty about being on the computer. Personally I do not get it at all because my husband only gets on the computer to look at porn. I could careless when he is on the computer. I really enjoy being on the computer, visiting with friends, emailing and blogging. I would think my husband would want me to be happy. I am trying to limit my time on the computer to keep peace but I will not give it up completely. Why do you think spouses are jealous of our computer time? Do you think it is ignorance? fear? apprehension? I just want to know why they are is jealousy. I would like to be able to get on the computer and enjoy myself without guilt. When I am on the computer I am sitting in the same room as my husband and interacting with him. I think he would be happy.

Flower Gardens

Do you remember me talking about weeding my flower beds and how great they looked. Well my husband spread grass seed with a spreader. Can you guess what happened? CRIESSSSS... You guessed it his grass seed went into my flower beds and started growing. I can not believe it!!! You would not believe how much is growing in my flower beds. Then when I said OH NO your grass seed is growing in my flower beds he said oh well just pluck them out. Geeessshhh must be nice to think it is that easy considering it is growing in all my flower beds and lots of it took root.

Well my husband just came in, rolled his eyes and sighed so it is time for me to go. He just broke the point on my pencil so to speak!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


At 5/29/2006, Blogger Tim ID said...

Happy Memorial Day to you Cherish. Lots of great stuff to make up for not blogging every day. Thanks

At 5/29/2006, Blogger Gary said...

Happy Memorial Day. Blog when you can.

At 5/29/2006, Blogger Fred said...

Happy Memorial Day, Cherish. Have a great week, too.

At 5/29/2006, Blogger Jim C said...

Sorry to hear the little guy is struggling with school. Could be a dozen reasons why...I know we went through it with our daughter...turns out she had a mld form of dyslexia so everything had become so frustrating that she was giving up.

As for computer one can make you feel guilty unless you let them. My wife and I have gotten to the point where (once we get past the snit) we are able to bottom line what we're feeling: jealousy, neglect, abandonment - what ever it is is usally some uncomfortable feeling we have trouoble expressing unless we can do so without fear and judgement. T'ain't easy....

At 5/29/2006, Blogger StringMan said...

A wonderful post as always -- even if you had to cram it in between spousal glares :)

I'm so jealous that you have a community pool AND a community beach. No wonder you love "Island living".

Grass always seems to grow best where it doesn't belong.

At 5/29/2006, Blogger The Michael said...

I know your pain, believe me I do......hehe.

At 5/30/2006, Blogger boo said...

thats alot for a monday. hope your week is nice :)

At 5/30/2006, Blogger xmichra said...

hope you had a good weekend down there!

Computer time is a funny thing. With my usband, he was worried that i was opening up to people other than him. So once I let him read my blog he relaxed because he felt there were no secrets. And as you can tell, it didn't matter.. i still talk the same way :)

Probably not an answer for you, but a thought as to why he might get upset.

At 5/30/2006, Blogger Sonya said...

Congrats to the daughter! Yes, they grow up to fast. Your son will snap out of it.

At 5/30/2006, Blogger LocuTus of Borg said...

Hope that you had a nice weekend cherish! That is cool that your daughter made it to the cheerleading squad but I can understand her apprehension, because it is not the same as the comeptitions she was doing. You have two teenagers, what else do you expect? LOL Just blog when you care - we'll miss you when your gone though! Have a great day!

At 5/30/2006, Blogger Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

oooh someone is jealous over computer... Is your computer a guy?

I name my computer... her name is Lydia... lol

At 5/30/2006, Blogger LZ Blogger said...

Very nice post! ~ jb///

At 5/30/2006, Blogger gunngirl said...

I agree xmichra that your husband may be wondering what/who you're chatting about. He seems jealous, I guess in one form it's cute that he wants your attention, but I think it might be that he just doesn't like not knowing what you're doing and/or he doesn't think what you're doing is very important.

Yea! about your daughter, too bad she's thinking about not taking the invite. As soon as you wouldn't have to pay anymore she doesn't want to do it. oh well.

I think you son is just not intereste in that subject, whatever it is he's failing in. I know in one class I had I totally tuned out very quickly. Fortunetly, I had the option to drop it. I knew it wouldn't go well if I wasn't interested at all.

At 5/30/2006, Blogger Lisa said...

CONGRATS to your daughter! I am so happy for her. If she doesn't accept the invitation will she go back to her All Star squad?

At 5/30/2006, Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

Wow, that was a lot of topics! I am lucky in that Mrs. Fab doesn't mind all my computer time. I think she figures it keeps me out of trouble!

At 5/30/2006, Blogger Tim ID said...

You've been tagged! Sorry!

At 6/02/2006, Blogger Sonya said...

Just stopped by to say have a great weekend!

At 6/02/2006, Blogger cherish said...

Tim: Thank you and Happy Memorial day to you.

Gary: Smiles and Happy Memorial day, I love the flower!

Fred: Happy Memorial Day!

Jim: Thank you so much Jim! Well I am Italian and Catholic guilt is breed into us!

Stringman: You can come visit anytime and use the pool and beach, I will even make you dinner. I will just explain to hubby that since he does not like me on the computer I have started inviting my blogging buddies over. GRINZ

Michael: HEHE... Yuppers!!!

Boo: Huggss thank you very much! Have a great week and weekend!

XMichra: I have been thinking about that as well, maybe just let him read it. Heck he would be bored to tears.

Sonya: Thank you we are so excited!!

Lob: Thankies!!!

RHSP: Hmm wonders if I name my computer Lydia if my husband would not be so jealous.

LZ: Thank you for stopping by!

GunnGirl: Thank you so much. My daughter is very excited!!! The boy better straighten out. hehe

Lisa: She has to get a back handspring and she is concerned she will not get it so she does not want to try out. But I am pushing her trying out. I still have not heard from the gymnastics guy. Where does your girl do gymnastics?

Mr. Fabulous: I know she can keep an eye on you if you are on the computer!

Tim: Thanks for tagging me! It is posted!



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