Sunday, April 02, 2006


Well the party went well minus two horrible children that attended. They were absolutely unbelievable!!!

My son was so surprised. He actually fell on the floor. At first I thought he passed out.

We played bingo and gift swap. We had a 3 foot sub, pizza, deviled eggs, chips and dip, more soda than anyone could count, cookies, candy and cake. My son kept coming up and hugging me saying thank you. Plus we were out shopping all day as they set the party up. We had a great day shopping, went out to lunch and did LOTS of driving.

The party was continued at my house. My son brought a friend home, my daughter brought a friend home, my mom, my aunt and uncle came back to the house. We hung out for a bit. Then my mom, aunt and uncle left. Then another one of my son's friend came over and we played Uno attack. It was so much fun.

We had a sleepover. The kids had so much fun. They played video games on the Xbox, Playstation, computer, and watched movies. The girls went to sleep around 11 and boys were out by 11:30. The girls were lucky they were able to sleep in but the boys were not so fortunate. The boys were woke up early for Sunday School.

We came home and my husband made everyone breakfast. I think the girls rolled out of bed around 11, hehe. The boys kept wanting to wake them up. They spent the entire day playing video games and the computer. They played with sidewalk chalk and played ball outside. I made homemade meatballs and spaghetti. We ate at 3:30 then off to church to catch the last service. After church we dropped the kids off then went to Kmart. My daughter's tv broke during the week so we went to get her another one. Now, I am happily home and resting. I plan on visiting everyone's blogs tomorrow.

I hope EVERYONE had a FANTASTIC weekend!!!


At 4/02/2006, Blogger Sonya said...

SO yall pulled the surprise off? Great! Glad it went well.

At 4/02/2006, Blogger :phil: said...

Sounds like a fun party.
Wasn't today gorgeous outside?

At 4/03/2006, Blogger boo said...

aww, sounds fantabulous. wish i was there :)

At 4/03/2006, Anonymous xmichra said...

sounds like the surprise went off well! And what a yummy sounding party!

At 4/03/2006, Blogger Leesa said...

Sorry about the two bad children. Reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the original movie). You know, when the Umpa-Lompas sing about blaming the parents for spoiled kids.

At 4/03/2006, Blogger Top cat said...

cherish, this sounds like you pulled off an amazing and fun surprise party.
All the food sounds delicious and the picture of the spaghetti and meatballs is more than making me hungry.
I bet your son thinks he has the best Mom in the world and you know what?.....he does.

At 4/03/2006, Blogger LocuTus of Borg said...

Whew! That sounds like a lot. Glad that you had such a great party and Happy Birthday to your son!!

Deviled-eggs ... YUM!

At 4/03/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please take my brothers name of your links.

At 4/03/2006, Blogger cherish said...

Sonya: We sure did he was SOOOO Surprised... he literally have no clue whatsoever!

Phil: WOW the day was beautiful but we did have a bit of rain in the morning.

Boo: That would have made the party perfect!!!

Xmichra: It did go well and the 3 foot sub was delicious! They had an Italian or American version. We went with the American but I bet the Italian is awesome.

Leesa: I blame their parents. They acted like animals. Thanks for stopping by again!! I love your blog and put it on my blog roll.

TC:AWWW you are too sweet for words. It waas great and of course he thinks he has the best mommy ever; that is what I keep telling him. LAUGHS

LoB: Thanks so much. The deviled eggs were from the deli and actually pretty good. I was a bit reserved about ordering them but they were good.

Anonymous: I would be more than happy to remove your brother from my blogroll. He is a grown man and he has my email, so I will wait to hear from him.

Would you please be so kind and leave me alone. I have fulfilled every single one of your requests, I have been understanding and polite to you. There is nothing more I can do for you. Please feel free to continue to bash me on your blog and talk about me behind my back.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would just leave me alone.

Wishing you peace and joy!!!

Everyone: Thanks for signing my blog and Happy Monday. Have a great day! I passed on all the Happy Birthday wishes from the past couple of weeks to my son and he loved receiving them. My son thought it was so cool that my blogging friends wished him a happy birthday. He asked me if he could read my blog but I had to decline. WINKS!!!

At 4/03/2006, Blogger Tim ID said...

Sounds like a great party and a suprise.

At 4/03/2006, Blogger cherish said...

King Tim: Yes it was fantastic!! I have to admit that I really enjoyed hanging out with my son before the party we had so much fun! He was so Surprised it was hysterical!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

At 4/03/2006, Blogger Ben O. said...

Yep - skiing all day Saturday and sleeping all day Sunday makes for a pretty good weekend.

Thanks for the cheer-up.

Ben O.

At 4/03/2006, Anonymous xmichra said...

HAd to stop in and see anything new... and POOF new stylin'!! Nice layout Cherish! Very clean.

At 4/03/2006, Blogger Gary said...

I had a great weekend, but I don't think it was as great as yours. Way to go.

At 4/03/2006, Blogger cherish said...

BenO: Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Thanks for stopping by!!!

XMichra: Thank you!! I have to keep you guessing so you will come back. ~winks~

Gary: I am happy you had a fantastic weekend!


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