Friday, April 21, 2006

Laundry YUCK

My husband came home today, he took one look at me and laughed so hard. He said after 19 years you have not changed at all. He was speaking of my laundry ritual not that I look young. So as we were both laughing, I thought hmmmmmm... a blog entry MWAHAHAHA!!!! So welcome to a day in my crazy life!!! I am like the laundry nazi (thinking of the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld) I turn from nice mom to Hilter in the matter of minutes. Friday afternoon as soon as the kids walk in the door from school, I start bugging them to get their clothes in the sorters. You would think they would just put them in the sorter when they take them off but heck no, not my kids they want to see me go nuts. Well they begin gathering their dirty clothes and by the way this is not what they look like when they are sorting clothes, I never seen any smiles.I get into my "laundry clothes" which are shorts and a tshirt that I normally paint or garden in. Ummm that is all I wear no bra and no panties (I know I know WAY TOO much information, hehe) But when I wash clothes I like to make sure every single thing in the house is washed. After changing, I gather my husband's and my clothes then sort them. I am not quite sure how my husband gets out of the entire laundry process but I think it is because he is spoiled. I also make the kids get into pajamas or tshirt with pajama bottoms if they do not have any plans. I have a strict order that I adhere to every single time I wash clothes. I know you must be asking yourself; why? Well I have no idea why I guess because I am whacko.

This is the order I wash in:
(I like to get all the no dry clothes done and hung up first so they start drying)
1. Dark No Dry w/Liquid Tide and I always use the Green Downy.
2. Light No Dry w/Powder Tide w/bleach, oxywash, and Downy
3. Dark Dry Clothes (same as no dry but I use Bounce Original Sheets (7))
4. Light Dry Clothes (same as no dry but again with bounce dryer sheets (5))
5. Then my husband's work clothes (which soak for 45 minutes, then a prewash, then a regular wash, then two rinse cycles. I use liguid tide when I wash and soak them. I use downey in both rinses.
6. Then finally I finish up with my towels. Powder Tide with/bleach, liquid bleach and no downy.

Now if I see dirty clothes in the kid's room or my husband brings in clothes from his work truck anytime during the laundry process. I am like psycho mom explaining to them my plight and I am instantly a laundry martyr.
Well I wash all the no dry clothes on Friday Night so they will be dry on Saturday. I wash the rest of the clothes on Saturday. When the dry clothes are finished drying; I fold them into four laundry baskets. This way when I am done with the clothes everyone can grab their basket and put their clothes away. HMMM hubby gets out of this part too, I put our clothes away. I may have to rethink Mr. Hubby's role in laundry day. CHUCKLES! By this time all my no dry clothes are dry and we can put them away. YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!! Then laundry time is over and I can morph back into Mom. Oh wait I do have to do a final inspection of the laundry baskets and kid's room to make sure all the clothes have indeed been put away, because my children are famous for leaving their clean clothes around their room and then come Friday sticking the clean clothes in with the dirty ones.

Here is a peek into my future laundry ritual. I want this washer and dryer. I think it is really cool. At first I wanted the front loader but I have heard they have a tendancy to leak. So I have chose the Kenmore Oasis Canyon Washer and Dryer. Hey my husband does not call me Inspector Gadget for nothing. Everytime I am in the laundry room my husband sticks his head in and says HEY no breaking that machine just to get a new one. HAHAHA HEHEHE HOHOHO NOT!!!! Okay it was funny the first ten times he said it but now it is just old.

Wishing Everyone An Absolutely WONDERFUL, EXCITING, RELAXING, and Passion Filled Weekend.


At 4/21/2006, Blogger boo said...

of all the housework, i love doing laundry most. i find it extremely therapeutic. imma boob, go figure :) have a lustful & sexxy weekend u!

At 4/21/2006, Blogger StringMan said...

I can understand the chaos that must ensue when someone "finds" a dirty Dark No Dry item when you are already into the Dark Dry Clothes part of the routine. Yikes, it's like trying to turn back time. "N0 LAUNDRY FOR YOU!"

When/how do you deal with the "laundry clothes" themselves? (Tell me that you do a separate wash, and that you do it naked. Please!:)

At 4/22/2006, Blogger Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

I love to sleep on freshly washed clothes... the smell and the feel good love washed by my mom :)

I hate ironing though... hate hate hate!

At 4/22/2006, Blogger xmichra said...

I am the laundry nazi here too. mark will come home from wrok and just plop all his clothes onthe floor, or worse, on my bed where all the clean laundry is!! GAH.

See, I do laundry on saturday normally (sunday if i know saterday we are busy), and my ritual is like yours (i have a pair of jogging pants and a camosole.. no undies like you), but I have no real sapce to fold. I think I must have inherited the bed scheme from my mother, but I bring all my laundry to my bed and fold it there. I make three sections (mark, myself and Kira) and then it is easy to put away (since i do all of that). Towels and bedding are my last few loads so all the clothes are put away by then.
But makr works on saturday, so he always has something new to put in. I will normally save a small load of darks for this reason (dish towles and the like), but that man just doesn't get it. DOes he bring his stuff to the laundry room? no. Does he try to put his clothes in the hamper? no. He throws them into a pile in the corner. I even had a laundry basket RIGHT THERE.. and he moved the damn basket!! But once, and only once.. he threw his old yucky smelly socks on my laundry pile, i don't know why. Maybe it was a test. he paid for it though :)

At 4/22/2006, Blogger Lisa said...

I can't stand doing laundry! Its really not the washing and drying tho, its the folding and putting away! And lets not even discuss ironing LOL

At 4/22/2006, Blogger Top cat said...

I agree with lisa, the washing and drying part is easy, it's the folding/hangers stuff that's work.

A great post cherish, I can see you going into laundry CEO mode once you've started the ritual.

I think we're like you, wear the oldest clothes while you're doing laundry so every piece of wearable clothing can get cleaned.

Thanks for the chuckles today and hope you have a relaxing weekend.:)

At 4/22/2006, Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

Is there room in that regimen for me sending my laundry to you to have done?


At 4/22/2006, Blogger cherish said...

BOO: My friend is the exact same way. She said she likes clothes and dishes because when they are done she feels accomplished. Wooo hooo lustful and sexy thankies sweetie huggsss.

Stringman:Oh boy Stringman that is the truth, grrr it drives me nuts.

I wash my laundry clothes completely naked and I sit on the washing maching while it is washing my laundry clothes, WINK WINK!!!

RHSP: I wished my mom would wash my clothes. I do not iron at all. When my husband and I were first married, I went to iron his most favorite pair of Hagar pants and burned them. I have not touched an iron since.

XMichra: I swear we were separated at birth, hehe. I use to fold clothes on my bed until the kids were a bit older now there is not room to fold it on my bed. I am betting Mark never put his dirty socks on your clothes again. I have a sorter for the kids, the do not use it. I have a laundry basket right next to hubby's side of the bed and stuff still does not make it to the hamper. GEESSHHH what is wrong with these people???

Lisa: I hate the entire process!!! Although I think if I had my new washer and dryer I might like it. Maybe I will try that argument with my husband, WINK!! hehe...

TC: HEHE You know I run a tight ship at work and I bring that boss mentality home with me on laundry day!!! hehe... I am happy you liked it thank you!

Mr. Fabulous: Absolutely!! Can you get the clothes here on Friday afternoon for sorting?

At 4/22/2006, Blogger cherish said...

PS: Mr. Fabulous it will be much easier when I am your neighbor. hehe!!

At 4/23/2006, Blogger Still Searching... said...

I actually don't mind doing laundry...but then again, I'm not quite as "focused" as you are!

At 4/23/2006, Blogger Tim ID said...

Cherish, it takes guts to air your dirty laundry in public.

At 4/24/2006, Blogger LocuTus of Borg said...

LOL you "laundry nazi" you haha! That is a funny story - hilarious. My ex just used to get mad at me because I never folded the towels right. They were like back assward for her, but hey I thought, they took the same amount of space. Oh well, I could never win. I have two loads that I do - whites and darks ;).

Too bad RHSP - I actually like ironing and maybe am a little anal that way. If one of my pants has a crease in it - I will iron the whole thing again just to get that one crease out haha!


At 4/24/2006, Blogger Sonya said...

Nothing wrong with making a good habit like this and sticking with it. Hope you had a great weekend!

At 4/24/2006, Blogger Gary said...

Actually, that 'no breaking comment IS funny. But only to him :)

I have heard it said that a great actor can read the phone book and make it sound interesting. If that's true then a great blogger should be able to post about the laundry and make it interesting. I guess that means you're a great blogger. Congrats.

At 4/25/2006, Blogger Sonya said...

Where you hiding?

At 5/01/2006, Blogger cherish said...

Still Searching: HEHE hmmm that must be my problem. My mom keeps saying do laundry every night, ughh then my eye twitches.

Tim: Laughing!! You betcha I am very brave that way!

LoB: I think I may have to send my laundry your way!

Sonya: Tankies!!!

Gary: You are too sweet for words!! Thank you so much!!

Sonya: Peek a Boo!

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