Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Advanced Global Personality Test Results

Stability results were moderately low which suggests you are worrying, insecure, emotional, and anxious.
Orderliness results were high which suggests you are overly organized, reliable, neat, and hard working at the expense too often of flexibility, efficiency, spontaneity, and fun.
Extraversion results were medium which suggests you are moderately talkative, outgoing, sociable and interacting.
Trait snapshot:
clean, organized, dislikes chaos, semi neat freak, perfectionist, traditional, realist, fits in most places, enjoys managing others, risk averse, good at saving money, prudent, respects authority, high self control, hard working, does not like to stand out, follows the rules, finisher, resilient, takes precautions, cautious, honest, unfamiliar with the dark side of life, practical, dutiful


At 3/29/2006, Anonymous xmichra said...

wow.. very similar... ecxept i am not unfamiliar with the dark side of life. heh.

And thanks for the plug Cherish!! I am so honored you think that of my blog (and inadvertantly me.. since you know.. it's all aboutme.. bwwaahaaa!!).

At 3/29/2006, Blogger boo said...

so.... an orderly & religious accomodation thats hypersensitive. a mixed bundle of joy, u are so hot :)

At 3/29/2006, Blogger Big Ben said...

need to get that sexuality score up. I send over some nudes pics of myself.

At 3/30/2006, Blogger cherish said...

Xmichra: You are right Xmichra I think you awesome but I think you already know that ~winks~!

Boo: Thank you Boo, you are too sweet for words!!! But in reality it sounds pretty boring, chuckles!!

Big Ben: WOW the pictures were wonderful and my score jumped to 250%. That was amazing just like the pictures. I am going to have the one picture of you leaning against the motorcycle tattooed under my eyelids so even when I blink or close my eyes I can still see you naked with that motorcycle!!

At 3/30/2006, Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

Does the "need to dominate" mean what I think it does? :)

At 3/30/2006, Blogger Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

Accomodation 90%.

Does that mean I will highly likely be able to stay at your place if i were to go for a holiday there??


At 3/30/2006, Blogger cherish said...

Mr. Fabulous: Wanna find out? HEHE sorry just kidding! Grinzzz I am not sure what it means!

RHSP: Absolutely RHSP Stop by anytime.

At 3/30/2006, Blogger Sonya said...

Extraversion |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Stability |||||||||||||||| 63%
Orderliness |||||||||||||| 56%
Accommodation |||||||||||| 50%
Interdependence |||||||||||||| 56%
Intellectual |||||||||||||| 56%
Mystical |||||||||| 36%
Artistic |||| 16%
Religious |||||||||||||||| 70%
Hedonism |||||||||| 36%
Materialism |||||| 30%
Narcissism |||||||||||||||| 63%
Adventurousness |||||||||||| 50%
Work ethic |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Self absorbed |||||||||||| 43%
Conflict seeking |||||| 23%
Need to dominate |||||||||||| 43%
Romantic |||||||||||| 50%
Avoidant |||||| 23%
Anti-authority |||||||||||| 50%
Wealth |||||| 23%
Dependency |||||||||||| 43%
Change averse |||||||||| 36%
Cautiousness |||||||||||||| 56%
Individuality |||||||||| 36%
Sexuality |||||||||||||||| 70%
Peter pan complex |||||||||| 36%
Physical security |||||||||||||||| 63%
Physical fitness |||||| 24%
Histrionic |||||||||||| 50%
Paranoia |||||||||||| 43%
Vanity |||||||||||| 43%
Hypersensitivity |||||||||||| 43%
Female cliche |||||||||||||||| 63%

Stability results were moderately high which suggests you are relaxed, calm, secure, and optimistic.

Orderliness results were moderately high which suggests you are, at times, overly organized, reliable, neat, and hard working at the expense of flexibility, efficiency, spontaneity, and fun.

Extraversion results were high which suggests you are overly talkative, outgoing, sociable and interacting at the expense too often of developing your own individual interests and internally based identity.

trait snapshot:

social, outgoing, worry free, optimistic, upbeat, tough, likes large parties, makes friends easily, rarely irritated, open, enjoys leadership, trusting, dominant, thrill seeker, strong, does not like to be alone, assertive, mind over heart, confident, controlling, feels desirable, likes the spotlight, loves food, social chameleon, hard working, concerned about others

At 3/30/2006, Blogger StringMan said...

So, I'm curious: how accurate were the results, in your view? The most accurate one? The least?

At 3/30/2006, Blogger LocuTus of Borg said...

I will have to try that ;) Very interesting to read about you ... paranoia, anxious huh? lol

At 3/31/2006, Blogger cherish said...

Sonya: oooo Yours turned out great! Thank you for sharing it!

Stringman: I think it is pretty accurate. I would have believed my sexuality score would have been much higher. The need to dominate is right in regular life but wrong in sex life ~winks~... I had a test one time tell me "You work well with others as long as you are in control and the boss" Truer words have never been spoken. hehehe

LoB: EEKKSS that's not good! chuckles

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