Friday, March 31, 2006

Child Bride

I could not believe this story when I read it. My heart is weeping. I guess it puts everything into perspective. The petty little bullshit that we have to deal with is so minute compared to the suffering of many; War, loss of children, homeless, terminal, weather ravaged, abused, molested, raped, beaten, murdered, tortured and the list goes on and on. This was an amazing article and has transformed my thinking. I am not going to sweat the little stuff anymore. Love me, hate me, like me, envy me, feel sorry for me, despise me, talk about me, whisper about me and write about me...It is all fine with me and more power to you. I will no longer worry about everyone, because I now choose to give my energy to the positive people in my life, the negative ones do not matter to me and they do not exist in my eyes. I have to be thankful and appreciative for my life. I have to be me and I will not change for anyone. I will most definitely work on being a better person for my family and myself. I have the perfect life for me. Although it is ONLY perfect to me and would definitely not be perfect for anyone else. I have to appreciate what I have and pray for those who are less fortunate. My children are healthy and safe. They have food and shelter. They have guidance and love. Nothing else matters!!!!!! I am off to read this story to my children.

Wishing everyone an absolutely fantastic weekend filled with family, friends, love and fun!!!!

This beautiful 12 year old with big brown hope filled eyes, lovely smile and hopefully a future was married at the age of 4, please read this story about this beautiful young girl.

Married at the age of four, an Afghan girl was subjected to years of beatings and torture, finally escaping to discover that within all the world's cruelty, there is also some kindness.
Afghanistan' name=c1> SEARCHNews News Photos Images Web' name=c3> Afghanistan - Eleven-year old Gulsoma lay in a heap on the ground in front of her father-in-law. He told her that if she didn't find a missing watch by the next morning he would kill her. He almost had already.
Enraged about the missing watch, Gulsoma's father-in-law had beaten her repeatedly with a stick. She was bleeding from wounds all over her body and her right arm and right foot had been broken.
She knew at that moment that if she didn't get away, he would make good on his promise to kill her. * * *
When I meet her at the Ministry of Women's Affairs I'm surprised that the little girl, now 12, is the same one that had endured such horrible suffering. She is wearing a red baseball cap and an orange scarf. She has beautiful brown eyes and a full and animated smile. She takes one of my hands in both of hers and greets me warmly, without any hint of shyness.
"She looks healthy," says Haroon, my friend and translator. I nod. But she looks older than her years, we both agree. In orphanages — first in Kandahar, then in Kabul — she has had a year to recover from a lifetime's worth of unimaginable imprisonment, deprivation and torture.
In one of the ministry's offices she sits in a straight-backed wooden chair and tells us the story of her life so far. She is stoic for the most part, pausing only a few times to wipe her eyes and nose with her scarf.
Her story begins in the village of Mullah Allam Akhound, near Kandahar.
"When I was three years old my father died, and after a year my mother married again, but her second husband didn't want me," says Gulsoma. "So my mother gave me away in a promise of marriage to our neighbor's oldest son, who was thirty."
"They had a ceremony in which I was placed on a horse [which is traditional in Afghanistan] and given to the man."
Because she was still a child, the marriage was not expected to be sexually consummated. But within a year, Gulsoma learned that so much else would be required of her that she would become a virtual slave in the household.
At the age of five, she was forced to take care of not only her "husband" but also his parents and all 12 of their other children as well. Though nearly the entire family participated in the abuse, her father-in-law, she says, was the cruelest.
"My father-in-law asked me to do everything — laundry, the household chores — and the only time I was able to sleep in the house was when they had guests over," she says. "Other than that I would have to sleep outside on a piece of carpet without even any blankets. In the summer it was okay. But in the winter a neighbor would come over and give me a blanket, and sometimes some food."
When she couldn't keep up with the workload, Gulsoma says, she was beaten constantly.
Gulsoma's scars
"They beat me with electric wires," she says, "mostly on the legs. My father-in-law told his other children to do it that way so the injuries would be hidden. He said to them, 'break her bones, but don't hit her on the face.'"
There were even times when the family's abuse of Gulsoma transcended the bounds of the most wanton, sadistic cruelty, as on the occasions when they used her as a human tabletop, forcing her to lie on her stomach then cutting their food on her bare back.
Gulsoma says the family had one boy her age, named Atiqullah, who refused to take part in her torture.
"He would sneak me food sometimes and when my mother-in-law told him to find a stick to beat me, he would come back say he couldn't find one," she says. "He would try to stop the others sometimes. He would say 'she is my sister, and this is sinful.' Sometimes I think about him and wish he could be here and I wish I could have him as my brother."
One evening, Gulsoma says, when her father-in-law saw the neighbor giving her food and a blanket, he took them away and beat her mercilessly. Then, she says, he locked her in a shed for two months.
"I would be kept there all day," she says, "then at night they would let me go the bathroom and I would be fed one time each day. Most of the time it was only bread and sometimes some beans."
She says every day she was locked in the shed, she wished and prayed that her parents would come and take her away. Then she would remember that her father was dead and her mother was gone.
But Gulsoma had an inner strength even her father-in-law couldn't comprehend.
"When he came to the shed he kept asking me, 'Why don't you die? I imprisoned you, I give you less food, but still you don't die.'"
But it wasn't for lack of trying. Gulsoma said when her father-in-law finally let her out of the shed, he bound her hands behind her back and beat her unconscious. She says he revived her by pouring a tea thermos filling with scalding water over her head and her back.
"It was so painful," she says, dabbing her eyes with her scarf and sniffling for a moment. "I was crying and screaming the entire time."
Five days later, she says, her father in law gave her a vicious beating when his daughter's wristwatch went missing.
"He thought I stole it," she says, "and he beat me all over my body with his stick. He broke my arm and my foot. He said if I didn't find it by the next day, he would kill me."
* * *
Gulsoma found hope after escaping
She crawled away that night and hid under a rickshaw. When the rickshaw driver found Gulsoma, broken and bleeding, he listened to her story and took her to the police. She was hospitalized immediately.
"The doctor at the hospital who treated me said, 'I wish I could take you to the village square and show all the people what happened to you, so no one would ever do something like this again,'" Gulsoma says.
It took her a full month to recover from her last beating. But the fear and psychological trauma may never go away.
"I was happy to have a bed and food at the hospital," she says. "But I was thinking that when I get better they will give me back to the family."
However, Gulsoma says when the police questioned the family, the father-in-law lied and tried to tell them she had epilepsy and had fallen down and hurt herself. But the neighbor who had helped Gulsoma confirmed the story of her beatings and torture.
The police arrested her father-in-law and "husband." They told her, she says, they would keep them in jail unless she asked for their release.
"Everyone was crying when they heard my story," Gulsoma says. Gulsoma says she stayed at an orphanage in Kandahar, but was the only girl in the facility. Eventually, her story was brought to the attention of the Ministry of Women's Affairs.
The toll of torture
Gulsoma was then brought to a Kabul orphanage, where she lives today. She takes off her baseball cap and shows us a bald spot, almost like a medieval monk's tonsure, on the crown of her head where she was scalded.
She then turns her back and raises her shirt to reveal a sad map of scar tissue and keloids from cuts, bruises and the boiling water.
Haroon and I look at each other with disbelief. Her life's tragic story is etched upon her back.
Yet she continues to smile. She doesn't ask for pity. She seems more concerned about us as she reads the shock on our faces.
"I feel better now," she says. "I have friends at the orphanage. But every night I'm still afraid the family will come here and pick me up."
Gulsoma also says that when the sun goes down, she sometimes begins to shiver involuntarily — a reaction to the seven years of sleeping outdoors, sometimes in the bitter cold of the desert night.
She says she believes there are other girls like her in Kandahar, maybe elsewhere in Afghanistan, and that she wants to study human rights and one day go back to help them.
As we walk outside to take some pictures, I ask her if, after all she's been through, she thinks it will be harder to trust, to believe that there are actually good people in the world.
"No," she says, quickly.
"I didn't expect anyone would help me but God. I was really surprised that there were also nice people: the neighbor, the rickshaw driver, the police," she says. "I pray for those who helped release me."
Looking directly into the camera, she smiles as if nothing bad had ever happened to her in her entire life.
"I think that all people are good people," she says, "except for those that hurt me."
The Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone team has set up an email account so that messages of support can be retrieved and forwarded to Gulsoma via a local organization. Click here to email your message.
To learn more about how you can help Gulsoma and other children in need in Afghanistan, click here.
A number of children Gulsoma's age posted messages of support for her. Read the comments here.

Attention Hog

Have you ever met someone who loves attention? They will go to any lengths to get attention. I have a friend who is a hypochondriac. She is always ill or something is hurting her. I feel sorry for her because I would hate to feel as if I had to be sick to get attention. She has a beautiful home, great kids and a fantastic husband. They all wait on her hand and foot because she is sick. Sometimes I want to tell her to count her blessings before they disappear in front of her. But it is not my place and there is something not right inside her that she feels this deep desire for attention.

Then there are people who love to create havoc or dismay in their life for attention and pity. Most people will fall into the trap and give them support. I must admit I love to stand on the sidelines and watch this happen. It is so obvious to me when it is just a cry for attention. Please give me sympathy... Please tell me how great I am... Please give me pity... Please beg me to stay... I often wonder what happened in their life that they have this need for such attention. I had two friends growing up who were like this, man did they grate on my nerves. They were sisters and the biggest, I do mean BIGGEST attention hogs I have ever met. We were separated by one year. H was a year older than me and C was a year younger than me. H was always sick and things in her life were always up in the air. This eventually turned her into a pathological liar. It was such a shame, C and I would try to talk to her about her lying but it never helped. C was always looking for attention but did not do the hypochondriac thing. It was so funny because we had a great time playing with each other but it always ended up with one of them having a meltdown. They grew up in the nuclear family, their dad did not drink, their mom was a stay at home mom; their lives always seemed so charmed to me. Their mom was an attention hog too, something was always going on in her life. She had the poor pitiful me syndrome too. She would also flirt with every man in the world for attention. But looking back as an adult, I know they did not have it easy because their parents did not want anything to do with them. Well as we got older they got worse. For example we would be out bowling, one would get their nose out of joint and say they were leaving. They just wanted to be begged to stay. Everyone would start begging them to stay. It will be no fun without you please stay, we love you, don't leave us.... YUCK!!!! I never begged them to stay or even ask them. The first year was rough because H was the driver. So if someone did not soothe her and make her feel better we would all have to leave. But when I got my driver's license, I always offered to drive. They would start their routine about leaving; I would say start walking and we will pick you up on our way home. H would never leave she would just pout and ruin everyone's time. But C was much more fiesty and she would pretend to walk home. She would hide somewhere outside and wait for us to come look for her. Hell I just kept on bowling (or whatever we were doing) because I knew her act. Then H would do this entire dramatic thing, crying she can not find her sister and she was so worried. HEHE I loved this because she was stealing the attention from her sister. Well the group of people we hung around would pity, soothe, calm, and give them sympathy. But... it did not take long for everyone to get really sick of their song and dance. We grew apart as time passed. I never speak to or see H, but I will get Christmas cards from C. We will get together every couple years to catch up but that's about it. When I sent out my wedding invitations H went nuts and did everything in her power to get her wedding scheduled before mine. LAUGHING... The best thing about being friend's with sisters is they tell each other's secrets. C told me what H was doing to get her wedding before mine. Well she ended up getting married one month after me. I was excited to be announced as the bridesmaid to hear my new name outloud in public. Honestly, I thought how cool it would be. Well she had them use my maiden name. hehe... she had the last laugh!! It was such a GREAT lesson growing up with them because it taught me about people. I can spot an attention hog a mile away.

I often wonder what people like this would do if they were truly sick or if something really awful happened in their life. Please do not get me wrong I love attention as much as the next person. But when you go about getting your attention fix at the expense of others is when it is totally out of control. Remember to count your blessings you never know when they will disappear!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Advanced Global Personality Test Results

Stability results were moderately low which suggests you are worrying, insecure, emotional, and anxious.
Orderliness results were high which suggests you are overly organized, reliable, neat, and hard working at the expense too often of flexibility, efficiency, spontaneity, and fun.
Extraversion results were medium which suggests you are moderately talkative, outgoing, sociable and interacting.
Trait snapshot:
clean, organized, dislikes chaos, semi neat freak, perfectionist, traditional, realist, fits in most places, enjoys managing others, risk averse, good at saving money, prudent, respects authority, high self control, hard working, does not like to stand out, follows the rules, finisher, resilient, takes precautions, cautious, honest, unfamiliar with the dark side of life, practical, dutiful

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

How To Clean Your Toilet

How To Clean Your Toilet
1. Put both lids of the toilet up and add 1/8 cup of pet shampoo to the water in the bowl.
2. Pick up the cat and soothe him while you carry him towards the bathroom.
3. In one smooth movement, put the cat in the toilet and close both lids. You may need to stand on the lid.
4. The cat will self agitate and make ample suds. Never mind the noises that come from the toilet, the cat is actually enjoying this.
5. Flush the toilet three or four times. This provides a "power-wash" and rinse".
6. Have someone open the front door of your home. Be sure that there are no people between the bathroom and the front door.
7. Stand behind the toilet as far as you can, and quickly lift both lids.
8. The cat will rocket out of the toilet, streak through the bathroom, and run outside where he will dry himself off.
9. Both the commode and the cat will be sparkling clean.

Signed the DOG

Surprise Surprise Surprise

Remember Gomer Pyle? I know I am dating myself but I loved that show. It totally cracked me up as a child. It was one of my favorites next to Gilligan's Island, Bewitched and I Dream of Jeanie. But I must mention my ALL time favorite I love Lucy!!!

Well this post is not really about Gomer Pyle. It is about my son's surprise party. My mother and I had planned on setting the party up on Friday. We were going to have everything at the hall completely ready for Saturday. My mom and I are both off work soooooo great plan, right? Yup yup I thought so too! But you know the old saying the Best Laid Plans. Not only do I have off and my mom has off, guess who has off school? Absolutely right!!!!!! My son has Friday off. UGHHHHHHHH So the plans change yet again. Although this actually works out better for one person and one person alone. ME ME ME ME ME ME GRINZZZZZZZZZZZZ but shhhhhhhhhhh dont tell anyone! Now my husband, mother, daughter and my brother have to set up the party on Saturday morning while I have my son at Walmart. hehehe... My mom is so awesome, she has been helping me with this party like crazy. Wrapping all the gifts for the gift swap, the prizes for the games and buying soda's like nobody's business. I always say I aspire to be like my mom but if by the end of my time on earth, I have only become half the person she is I will have accomplished a lot in life. She really is awesome. I will feel badly when I have to put her in a home when she starts slowing down. HEHEHE Ohhhh I am JUST kidding!! Although we joke about it all the time. If she forgets something I say one step closer to the home, Mom. She laughs and says just make sure they karaoke and bingo. Chuckles she is so funny....

The other thing she jokes about (which is kind of morbid) is when she dies. She wants to be cremated. She wants me to mail her all over the world and when her ashes return home. She wants me to split her ashes between my brother and myself. She would like to be placed over the refrigerator so she can watch the food going in and out at both houses. I know she is whacked but at least she is fun. Laughssssssss..... My mom has been my hero since I was a little girl. Everyone thought it was strange that my mom was my matron of honor at my wedding. But it made perfect sense to me because she was my everything since the day I met her.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Lost Friendship

Well I do think the loss of a friend is very sad. It is the person we shared our lives with, spend all our time with and shared our deepest secrets with. Our friends; they are the person we laughed and cried with. The person who loves us no matter what. It is the person we will stand next to and fight to the death with. The person that will not allow any petty jealousy, argument, or differences to come between the friendship we built.

I have a great belief in a lost love is a friend found. When you lose your boyfriend/girlfriend, lover, or husband/wife they can still be your friend. This I am trying to teach my daughter, unsuccessfully I might add. Her ex boyfriend is a jerk and she hates him(PERIOD) she is not hearing anything else. Well she is 14, he was her first boyfriend/love, he hurt her deeply and she will eventually learn the lesson that you should always try to stay friends with time and patience.

I had the best friend in the entire world, I will refer to her as H. We had an instant connection and bond that I thought would never be broken. Okay that is a bit of a lie, I had an instant bond and connection. She thought I was crazy. She was the most amazing person in the world to me. I met her through Sunday School. Our daughters were in CCD kindergarten class together. Two girls were not being very nice to my daughter and she was upset. I was going to take her out of the class for that day. My friend's daughter came up to my girl and said would you please sit with me today? I looked into the beautifully dark teary eyes of my baby and she nodded to me. My friend's daughter put her arm around my daughter and took her to their seats. It was WONDERFUL!!! My daughter is very shy and she needed that little push to stay in class that day. It melted my heart and I thought what a good girl. So I tracked down her mom and told her how wonderful her daughter was to my daughter. Well... she looked at me like I had three heads. I did not realize she was very shy. I kept talking to her because I had this feeling inside me like I wanted her as my friend. I swear I could almost see her sigh when she saw me coming, like oh no not her again. But I could not bring myself to stop talking to her. Later we were at a meeting for brownies/girlscouts. I was thrilled when I saw her and went over to talk to her, I am sure she sighed. So they were telling us where to get their uniforms. Everyone was talking and saying when they were going to pick the uniform up. The store was about 45 minutes away. Well H and I said at the same time I am going to go down in the morning. I looked at her and said would you like to ride down with me? She reluctantly said okay. hehe... Well when she pulled up to the park and ride, I was very shocked to see that her and I had matching Blazers. Mine was burgandy and hers was green but the same make and model. It was pretty funny. Off we went to Easton which is a pretty long and boring drive through farmland. I talked and talked to her like she was my long lost friend. Going down she was pretty quiet. We were listening to Barney in the car because we had my son with us. That loosened her up!! LAUGHS!!!Well we got the uniforms and headed back because we had a very small time frame to get the girls from kindergarten. On the way home she talked and we laughed and laughed, from that moment in time we were attached at the hip. We spent every moment we could together. Then it became a joke that the only reason H and I were friends was because she could not get rid of me, she tried and tried but I kept come back so she figured if you can beat her join her. LAUGHING!!!!!! When people saw us pull up they would say I know you did not get matching cars. We would say of course we did, hehe... shhhhh we did not tell them we already had them. But when our Blazers were five years old we traded them in and got new cars that were similiar but not the same. We bought bigger cars so we were able to fit all four kids in the one car. Driving separately was a pain because we wanted to talk. So we bought walkie talkies so we could talk when we were following each other so we did not use cell minutes that was back before Verizon IN plan!!! One would take the girls and one would take the boys we had so much fun always. We coparented our children; my children felt like she was a second mother and I felt like I was a second mother to her children. Well time went on and our family grew into one unit. Our kids felt like they were brothers and sisters because we always did everything together. She would volunteer in my son's classroom with me. When my son went off to first grade it was very hard on H. He had been our little travelling companion for years. She cried when he got on the bus, I wanted to cry but I had to console her. geesssshhh she stole my pity. We met all the other stay at home moms at a restaurant on the island. We always went there for breakfast on the first day of school and the last day of school. H could not even eat she just cried. When he got off the bus after his first day she hugged him and kissed him and told him how much she missed him. He did not miss us at all he met a girl in first grade and was thrilled.

Well I will fast forward because I have a gazillion and one stories I could tell you about my friend. My husband called us Lucy and Ethel. Well H had an awful marriage. Her husband SUCKED>>>> He was abusive to her and the kids. One day three years ago she had enough and asked him to leave. She then met a gentleman at work who she fell madly in love with. Well... in entered her new man and out went her best friend. She just did not have time for me anymore and I understood it. I was thrilled for her because she was finally being treated the way she deserved. After about a year of trying to fit into her life I decided there was no room for me. Everyone kept saying once the excitement wore off she would want to be friends again. Well the excitement never wore off. It has been three years and she is completely content with her new man and no longer needs a best friend. This was a great loss to my children and me. They just could not understand why she did not want to be with us anymore. I just kept trying to explain that she was building a new life with her new man. But that is hard to grasp for littleones. Heck it was hard to grasp for me. I mourned and grieved the loss of our friendship. But I am thankful for the time I did have with her.

Now I bet you are sitting there and wondering why the hell I am writing about it now? 3 years later? Well guess what? I have a reason!! WOOO HOOO there is a method to my madness, sometimes ~winks~... She is coming to my son's birthday party on Saturday. I am so excited!! I feel as if I will come out of my skin. I am thrilled to see her and hug her again. To be able to chit chat once the games are started and the kids are taken care of and all there needs are met. I can sit down with my friend(and her boyfriend) and just talk. I can not wait to see her laugh and hear her voice again. So I am writing about this because it feels as if Saturday will never get here. Surprise parties are so very exciting and my son is going to LOVE it!!! Seeing H is just the cherry on the sundae. Seeing my son surprised and happy is the entire sundae.

One last side note: I spoke to my neighbor because his children are invited to the party. When the kids (my son and his two kids) got off the bus they walked home. The boy stopped at the mailbox, opened it and looked at my son and said there is something from your mom, it must be an invitation to your birthday party. UGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! So when he opened it and saw it was a surprise he about fell over. The next day he told my son it was from someone else with the same name as your mom. My son said okay. But I am sure my son saw the address. I most definitely did not forsee that. So I am not sure if my son knows or not but regardless he will enjoy his party.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Peer Pressure

Well I have succumbed to peer pressure. I went into Radio Shack to get a Blue Tooth Earpiece thingy. I had no idea what it was but I heard they are fantastic. My husband does not call me Inspector Gadget for nothing. I love stuff like that. But I thought it would be so great not to have to hold the phone when I am driving. Because I am always on the cell phone in the car. So I thought I would spend up to 50 bucks on the headset from blue tooth. I go into Radio Shack and the guy talks me into one that is 120 bucks. accckkk

Let me just say that again One Hundred and Twenty BUCKS!!!!!!! What the hell was I thinking? I just went right along with everything he was saying. I allowed him to pressure me into buying something that was too expensive. He made great sense and also talked me into buying the extra warranty(twenty more bucks). He was not even good looking. Okay if he was a HOTTIE then I would have known why I lost my head and spent all that money. I spoke to my friend on the phone who was very surprised at how much I spent. Well I could not even bring myself to open the package. I keep looking at it. It is very cute and does a lot of cool things. But again 120 dollars.... Heck I did not even spend that much on my children's cell phones. Needless to say I will be returning this gadget because I can not justify spending so much money(and trust me I have tried, because I want it). US POOOOOOO Folks don't spend all that money on a headset. I always tell my husband when I get married again I am marrying for money. I already married for love so next hubby will be a millionaire. He always says "good as long as I get a lot of alimony", hehehehe!!!.

When I think back to when my husband and I were first married. We were so poor. We did not even have cable back then. We had three channels on the Caveman Network. When we got married he had been unemployed for 10 months. I was going to college and working 2 jobs. But I have to say we were happy. We played games, cards, watched movies and spent all our time together. Hehe We did not have any money to go anywhere. One of my jobs was working at a video store so we did get all the movies we wanted to watch rent free. We were married for four years before my daughter arrived. I remember my husband calling me babygirl until she arrived. Then she was his babygirl and I was the house wench. LMAO!!!! The kids love to hear stories about when we first got married, hand me down furniture, old cars and ate lots of hamburger... My daughter loves the picture of our first Christmas Tree. Charlie Brown's tree looked like a giant compared to this little pitiful tree with my grandparents old ornaments on it. We worked together and grew together. Those really were the good old days, although I could never go back to a time before we had children.

Friday, March 24, 2006

A Fantastic Day

We had such a great day yesterday. I sent my son a text message for his birthday. I use the program that you just type the word and it comes up by itself. I can not think of what it is called. Well sometimes it is not the word you want and you can scroll through it. Well my kids like that tap method. They tap out each letter, well patience is not one of my better qualities so I just go with the other method.

This is the message I sent my son on his cell phone:

Happy Birthday to You
You Live in a Zoo
You Look Like a Monkey
And You Smell Like One Too
I love You
You are a Good Boy!

This is the message my son received because I just typed it in quickly and never looked at it:

Happy Birthday to You
You Live in a Zoo
You Look Like a Monkey
And You Smell Like One Too
I love You
You are a Home Boy!

My son has an awesome sense of humor and he thought it was a joke. But when I typed the letters for good, home came up and I did not realize it. Well he thought it was the funniest thing that his mother called him home boy. He showed all his friends and they all got a chuckle out of it. When he arrived home from school, he called me and I said did you get my message? He said yeah Momma, thanks, everyone thought it was funny you called me home boy. I said I did not call you homeboy! Then it hit me oh crap son when I typed in good it came up home and I should have changed it. Well he laughed and said I wondered why you called me home boy.

In our family we go out to eat when there is a birthday, if it is your birthday you pick the restaurant. My son picked Sakura's Japanese Restaurant and Steak House. It is a really cool place where you sit around the grill and the chef cooks right in front of you. Normally the guy is very funny and entertains too. They sit 10 people at one grill, so we were with 5 other people. There was a brother and sister both teenagers and a set of grandparents with a little girl at our table. Well last time we went there the guy was a dud. But this time the guy was excellent!!!He was absolutely hysterical. We were laughing and clapping it was FANTASTIC!! He was flirting a bit with my daughter. He kept saying Miss Beautiful and pretty girl. All the little jokes they do were all directed at her. It was cute!! The food was beyond excellent. They brought out a piece of cheesecake with a candle and everyone sang Happy Birthday to my blushing son. Well the chef thanked everyone and asked if everything was okay. Then he told my daughter she had beautiful eyes, very strong and dark. Well she is very shy so she started looking down and blushing. He said with a big smile how old are you? My husband and I both replied simultaneously FOURTEEN. His mouth hit the floor. He said 14? We both again simultaneously said YES!! The poor guy walked away saying fourteen? LAUGHS!!! Well she thought he was making fun of her so she got upset. We tried to explain that he took a shine to her but did not realize she was so young. Well then she got angry with us because she thought we were teasing her. Hormones are so much fun!!! She does not understand she is gorgeous. She told me one time that people come up to us and say how stunning and beautiful she is because they feel sorry for her. sighs deeply! My friend has a daughter who is probably 250 pounds, not attractive at all but a very sweet girl. This girl thinks she is a total diva. I can not understand why my daughter's self esteem is non existant. Well after we left the restaurant we went back to my mom's house for cake and presents. I bought my son this game for Playstation that he wanted. When he saw it he was thrilled and called his friend. Here is their conversation (I can only assume what the other boy was saying):

Son: Hey Man Guess what I got for my birthday?

Friend: What?

Son: Game

Friend: NU UH


Friend: NU UH

Son: Uh huh, Really I did

Friend: NU UH

Son: K Lata

Laughing, those kids are so goofy!

Well I am off to go shopping for my son's surprise party. His surprise party is on April 1st. I think we have him fooled. I hope his friends do not tell him. He is expecting a party because I had a surprise party for my daughter's 13th birthday. He keeps expecting it and is a bit disappointed when he does not find a party. chuckles But I am hoping by April 1st he will have forgotten about his birthday. For my daughter's party, my mom took her out for lunch and then shopping. Then brought her back to the hall for the party. Well last weekend while we were at the cheerleading competition my mom took him out for lunch and shopping. LAUGHS He was expecting a party when he returned home. He kept calling us and saying where are you? I said at the competition... He replied Ohhhhhh.... hehe!! Then last night when we went back to my mom's he said hmmmm no lights in Grammie's house?? hehehe.... He was assuming everyone was hiding in her house. HEY Paybacks!!

T.G.I.F. Wishes Everyone a Fun and Exciting Weekend!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Have You Ever Asked Yourself; How Did Things Spin So Out of Control?

Well today is the day. GULPS. Whines And Pouts...

My son turned 13 years old today.

HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET ANGELI am officially the mother of two teenagers. How the heck did this happen? My babies... my travelling playmates... Now I am looking at a 14 year old and a 13 year old. Two Teenagers.... UGHHHHHH

It seems just like yesterday I was driving to Chuck E Cheese's, singing Barney songs, looking back seeing my two beautiful babies in matching carseats. I had the lil limo double stroller that took up the entire trunk of my Blazer. This stroller is tiny compared to the one we had. Someone got smart and made it more compact. Oh how many times I complained pulling that thing out of the truck and putting it back in. I could not wait until they were able to walk. What was I thinking???? I just want them back in the double stroller. And I MISS Barney!!! We went to Florida and saw Barney in concert. Oh boy I was so excited. My husband videotaped the three kids (my daughter 3, my son 2 and me 27) watching Barney on stage. It was a bit hard to hear Barney on the tape over my husband's laughter. After we left the show my husband burst out into laughter outside, I said what? he continued to laugh WHAT?? He said I think you were more excited than the kids to see Barney. Okay not one of my more crowning moments but I had to laugh when I watched the video tape, heck you would have thought I was watching Greenday and Billy Joe was singing just to me.

Well I am very thankful for my children. It has been a wonderful 14 years!!! I know I know I will be complaining about them tomorrow but today I am reminiscing... Smiles I crawled into bed with him this morning and told him all about the day he arrived.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day!!!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What is Normal?

Before I start this blog entry
*** Cheerleading Update***
This weekend was a HUGE competition and a long one at that. At least the seats were comfortable. My daughter's team did so well and looked great. But they had some TOUGH competition. We took third place at the competition but they did get the "Golden Ticket". Because they scored so high on the scoreboard even though the team took third they gave us the golden ticket, which is a bid to compete at a very large competition in May in Baltimore City that is going to be televised and you can only compete by invitation. So you all will have to be watching for the crazed fan in the audience, that will be me.

Main Entry:
I had a friend ask me if there was ever a time in my life that I was normal. LAUGHS... Now I know how this sounds but it was not said in malice, it was a genuine question. I guess I should back up a bit. I was misunderstood by a friend recently and in an attempt to straighten out the misunderstanding I had to tell her about somethings from my past. Well, life growing up was no picnic and I have all the memories tucked away in a dark place of my soul. I prefer not to visit the memories but I had to to resolve this misunderstanding. Well it has put me into a "meltdown" (meltdown for a lack of better words)and I am just now trying to get them tucked away so I can move forward again. Anyone who knows me knows I have issues, hey they are mine so I embrace them, joke about them and try to deal with them the best I can. My everyday issues are easily dealt with, germ issues, I do not like strangers touching me, and I hate crowds. Other smaller issues I deal with are that I do not like confrontation, low tolerance for nonsense and I have separation anxiety. Well when I am in "meltdown" mode it kind of sneaks up on me. I have bigger issues like I do not like stuff on the top shelves of my cabinets and closets. Weird, eh? Very weird and presents a huge problem because I never know where to put the stuff I take off the top shelves of all my cabinets and I can not have stuff out on my countertops (that drives me crazy). Which stresses me out even more, it is a vicious circle. The more stressed I am the more problems with these "issues" I have. So until I can control it I will put on a happy face for the real world. At least I can write how I feel here.I am not sure where this need to have the open space comes from but once it starts it takes me a bit of time to get it under control again. Sometimes when my husband opens the cabinet in the kitchen and sees the top shelf empty the look on his face is just horrible like OH NOT again! But he never says anything because he knows this is a battle within myself and something I have to work out. I always have issues with germs but when this meltdown starts it becomes a HUGE problem. Thank God for antibacterial everything because it helps me with this problem; sprays, wipes, soaps ect... I think I can trace my germ issues back to when I was pregnant with my daughter. It took me 2.5 years to get pregnant, then I had a horrible pregnancy which ended up with me in bed laying on my left side for the last three months of my pregnancy. I will not go into the details but it was truly horrible never knowing if my girl would make it and there were times they thought she would not. I use to work as a medical assistant in my prior life (before kids) and on this day I brought back a little boy who was sick. The mom and I were talking about everything. She had a bunch of kids and was asking me about my pregnancy, so I was giving her the gory details. Then I said what is your son here for today? She said chicken pox, I gasped and ran out of the room. I went right to the phone and called my OBGYN immediately, I was crying, not knowing if this would harm my already delicate baby who was having a hard time as it was. My doctor said with much concern in his voice,please tell me you have had the chicken pox. I said oh yes I had them when I was 2 years old. He said with much relief... FANTASTIC!! Well that was it for me I refused to see anymore patients during my pregnancy so I started to doing billing for the doctor, soon after that I was put on bed rest. Well this started my germ issues. I never returned to the medical field again. I did not want to be near sick people at all. I ended up staying home with my kids for about 10 years and went back to college for a second try at a new career. (my husband was not happy with my wasted college experience the first time, I guess because he had to pay for the second time, I worked and paid for the first time) Well my second try was kind of ironic because I attended
Gallaudet University in DC for two years. This is a deaf college and deaf people have no personal space issues. They bump into you, tap you, push you, stand right up next to you, UGGHHHHH it drove me NUTS!!! But in their world they are only alerted by touch something us hearing folks take for granted. One time I saw my friend (who is deaf) drive by me and I was beeping like crazy and thought hmmppfff she did not even look, when my mom said to me very calmly as she tried not to break up in laughter ummmm she's deaf and can not hear you beeping then broke into a roar of laughter. Well I left that college because it was driving me crazy being touched all the time and they do NOT like hearing people at their deaf college. I may have to put a disclaimer on this blog entry RANDOM THOUGHTS BEWARE.... Back on subject... I will not bore you with all the details of my whackey personality or issues (I have plenty other stuff to bore you with ~winks~). But after the misunderstanding with my friend, which unfortunately was never resolved, it has brought my past to the present and it is haunting me. I believe that is why I wrote the post about my childhood experience with a child molester. Honestly, I have not thought about that experience in years and years. Unfortunately, I think the past always comes back to bite you on the bottom whether you deal with it or not. The only bite in the bottom I want is like the one in the next picture.So my answer to my friends question (if there was ever a time in my life that I was normal?) well the answer is NO. I was even whacky as a child. I wrote about this in a previous post about my birth and childhood. I was always a bit odd. I was too smart for my own good back then. My mother always said the devil breathed life into me at 1 year old and then left when I was 5 years old. I calmed down completely when I got into school. Although school was great and I enjoyed it, I had to sit at a table with two other kids all through elementary school. So socialization was lost because we were always being taught the next year's work. When I was in first grade they taught me second grade work so on and so forth. I remember sitting with Kathy and Michael wanting so bad to be part of the class the entire time. We did join our class for art, silent reading, music, lunch and recess. But I hated being different back then. I had quite the quandry arise with my daughter. She is very smart way smarter than I could have ever aspired to be. The child started talking at 6 months old. (Side note: I did not talk until I was 5 years old well lets say no one could understand me until I was 5 years old, haha I know I know making up for lost time) Well I figure she was smarter than my husband and I when she was about 2 years old boy did she ever work us over. She started preschool at 2.5 years old. She would sit down write her name on her paper and then color. Most of the kids did not know how to hold a crayon back then. When she arrived at kindergarten her teacher wanted her skipped to the first grade. I refused because I watched her struggle with being the youngest person in the class because she has a late birthday. I figured if she was almost 2 years younger than everyone it would mess her up. So I kept her in kindergarten. She seems to be doing okay now but she was bored through elementary school. Middle school was better and highschool challenges her much more. I guess I need to insert ~Random thought beware~yet again. I think I have so much swirling around in my brain this past week and half I can not get my mind on task. Well, I guess I better close this entry for now. I will leave you with the thought What is truly normal? Although, my life and my issues are normal for me to the outside world, I seem whacky.