Monday, February 20, 2006

What Soul Are You? Stolen from morningstar

You Are a Prophet Soul

You are a gentle soul, with good intentions toward everyone.
Selfless and kind, you have great faith in people.
Sometimes this faith can lead to disappoinment in the long run.
No matter what, you deal with everything in a calm and balanced way.

You are a good interpreter, very sensitive, intuitive, caring, and gentle.
Concerned about the world, you are good at predicting people's feelings.
A seeker of wisdom, you are a life long learner looking for purpose and meaning.
You are a great thinker and communicator, but not necessarily a doer.

Souls you are most compatible with: Bright Star Soul and Dreaming Soul
Stolen from morningstar, quietly in the night when she was sleeping!


At 2/21/2006, Blogger Sonya said...

*runs to take the test*

At 2/21/2006, Blogger Lori said...

Wow what a great answer for you, it describes you perfectly.

At 2/21/2006, Blogger beadinggalinMS said...

***You are a dreaming soul***

Your vivid emotions and imagination takes you away from this world
So much so that you tend to live in your head most of the time
You have great dreams and ambitions that could be the envy of all...
But for you, following through with your dreams is a bit difficult

You are charming, endearing, and people tend to love you.
Forgiving and tolerant, you see the world through rose colored glasses.
Underneath it all, you have a ton of passion that you hide from others.
Always hopeful, you tend to expect positive outcomes in your life.

Souls you are most compatible with: Newborn Soul, Prophet Soul, and Traveler Soul

At 2/21/2006, Anonymous xmichra said...

awesome test! I posted mine (as you know).
Just wanted to say that what ever you say in my comments is 100% F-I-N-E. I love you, you are always honest. So don't worry about it! Nothing you write is ever 'hurtful', and usually has a bit of sunshine!!! ((hugs))

At 2/21/2006, Blogger Sonya said...

I am a peacemaker soul:

You strive to please others and compromise anyway you can.
War or conflict bothers you, and you would do anything to keep the peace.
You are a good mediator and a true negotiator.
Sometimes you do too much, trying so hard to make people happy.

While you keep the peace, you tend to be secretly judgmental.
You lose respect for people who don't like to both give and take.
On the flip side, you've got a great sense of humor and wit.
You're always dimplomatic and able to give good advice.

Souls you are most compatible with: Warrior Soul, Hunter Soul and Visionary Soul

At 2/21/2006, Blogger Top cat said...

wow, these were some tough questions, hard to answer just one choice..
You Are a Bright Star Soul

Like a shining star, you have no trouble being the center of attention
In fact, you often feel a bit hurt when all eyes aren't on you
You need to be number one in everything, no matter how trivial
And it's this ego that both hurts your confidence and helps you acheive

You're dramatic and a powerhouse of pure energy
You posess a divine quality or uniqueness that's hard to define
A natural performer, it's likely you'll become famous in some circles.
Just learn not to take everyone's reaction to you so personally!

Souls you are most compatible with: Newborn Soul and Prophet Soul

At 2/21/2006, Blogger darlingina said...

indeed... really had to stop and think on some of those questions. Thanks for sharing cherish/morningstar. ;o)

~You are a Newborn Soul~

You are tolerant, accepting, and willing to give anyone a chance.
On the flip side, you're easy to read and easily influenced by others.
You have a fresh perspective on life, and you can be very creative.
Noconformist and nontraditional, you've never met anyone who's like you.

Inventive and artistic, you like to be a trendsetter.
You have an upbeat spirit and you like almost everything.
You make friends easily and often have long standing friendships.
Implusive and trusting, you fall in love a little too easily.

Souls you are most compatible with: Bright Star Soul and Dreaming Soul

At 2/21/2006, Blogger gunngirl said...

I was a Visionary Soul, If I remember correctly. Hmmm. ;)

At 2/22/2006, Blogger Sonya said...

Happy Hump Day!

At 2/23/2006, Blogger Sonya said...

Happy HNT!

At 2/24/2006, Blogger cherish said...

Sonya: OOOO peacemaker soul that is a cool one!

Lori: Thank you very much!

Linda: WOW we scored something different that has to be a first...

XMichra: Thank you sexy smooches... Love you too!!

TC: Yours is compatible with mine yippies!!

gina: That is a cool one! That does seem like you!

Gunn: Thanks for taking the test! Visionary is cool too!

Sonya: Happy Humpday and Happy HNT. I am looking forward to catching up on all the blogs today!!!

At 10/02/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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