Thursday, February 09, 2006

Weird Dreams

WOW have I been having some very weird dreams lately. I think because I am not feeling well I can not get into a deep sleep so I am remembering what I dream. Well I will not go into all the dreams (trust me you all do not want to know what is going on in my subconscious, shudders oooo scary place)but the one was so darn funny I had to share it with you.

I dreamt I was stalking the drummer from INXS. As you well know I have quite a soft spot for drummers. I think that is because my childhood boyfriend played the drums, but more importantly my brother played the drums as I was growing up. I even tried to get my son to play the drums but that was a no go that cost me a fortune.

Well I really do like the drummer from INXS, he is so cool!!

Well he was being so nice to me and practically begging me to stop stalking him. He was so kind and I was being a complete BRAT! I told him no I am sorry I will not stop I love you and I need to stalk you. He then said but we are both married and we both have children. I would hear none of it. I followed him everywhere. It was pretty sad. So I am wondering what the heck could this dream mean?

More importantly, I wonder why I was not stalking Billie Joe Armstrong??? Because you know how much I adore him.Hmmmmmmmmm?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


At 2/09/2006, Blogger Tim ID said...

That's nothing. I had a dream last night I was at a recording studio having a radio spot recorded using Gilbert Godfrey. And I'm not even sick. Well not physically. :)

At 2/09/2006, Blogger xmichra said...

don't feel badly cherish.. I had a dream that i was in the same room with johnny depp... and i couldn't move or talk i was so star struck! And he was like asking me to host a party for him and telling me that he secretly wnated a lay-low life like mine... and i said NOTHING!!! I tell you, I am sure advil is to blame.

At 2/09/2006, Blogger Top cat said...

dreams we have when we are sickly seem to have a strange feeling to them, especially the ones when you are feverish.
I've had several the last two nights, they weren't strange or anything, it's just I haven't dreamed or at least remembered any of them for quite a long time.
I think it's because I haven't been sleeping well and often sleep very lightly.

anyway...googled dreams and the word ya go:

To dream that you are playing the drums, indicates that you progress through life by your own terms. You are strong willed and stick by the decisions you make.

At 2/09/2006, Blogger Zen Wizard said...

I think the drummer in the dream is a metaphor for SOMETHING ELSE that you are being currently tempted by and feel you can't have.

At 2/09/2006, Blogger cherish said...

Tim: Chuckles you are crazy!! and I LOVE IT!!!

Xmichra: Next time you dream about Johnny Depp you better invite me. Because he is so VERY hot!!!!!!!!! I think it was the advil. I hate to say this but if I met Johnny Depp someone would have to call 911.

TC: I hope you get some good rest soon!!! Wonders what you dreamt about?? Thank you for googling drum for me. hmmm I was not playing a drum was thinking about playing with a drummer, chuckles... but he was not interested.

Zen Wizard: Thank you so much for stopping by to my little part of the blogsphere. Very interesting take on my dream thank you for sharing!

At 2/09/2006, Blogger Lori said...

How about you, me, drummer boy and Billie? ;)

At 2/09/2006, Blogger cherish said...

Looks at Lori all stern like ummm I do not share Billie Joe. How about you bring Vin Diesel, I will bring Billie Joe and then we will all hook up with the Drummer and the five of us can have a party. GRINZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

At 2/10/2006, Blogger Lori said...

You got a deal, OHHH baby its party time!!!!

At 2/10/2006, Blogger cherish said...

I called Billie Joe he said whatever is good for you and Vin. The drummer said anytime for him.

At 2/13/2006, Blogger LocuTus of Borg said...

I hardly ever remember my dreams :( I guess that fading too much into sleep and not really have a good memory anyways, means that I can not remember them. What? You do not have dreams of stalking me? LOL

At 2/13/2006, Blogger cherish said...

I always dream of stalking you that is why I was so shocked when I dreamt of someone other than LoB.

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