Sunday, January 29, 2006

Life is Getting Away From Me

Well the day starts out pretty normal. The alarm sounds at 4:30am BEEP BEEP BEEP. I begrudgingly open my eyes click off the awful alarm.

I can not wake up to music, I just incorporate it into my dreams. Every morning I have the same thought. GROUND HOG DAY. Remember the movie with Bill Murray? It just seems like the same thing day in and day out. Well I get up and start my husband's coffee. Then I wake him up which is no easy task because he is not a morning person. I go to bed between 11 and 12 and wake up, he goes to bed anywhere from 6 to 8 and can not wake up. Laughs well in his defense he does get up around 1:30 till 3ish. I bring him a cup of coffee and wake him up again. Then I return to the kitchen and begin making his lunch. I make his lunch everyday and everyday he finds something to bitch about. It cracks me up, I contemplate every morning sending him with an empty lunch box with a little note saying I guess now there is nothing to bitch about. Well of course I would never do that because I would feel badly if he did not have anything to eat. This day it is very cold, the morning air brisk, the wind biting at your skin and the stars shining so very bright. I run out to start my husband's truck in my night gown and winter coat. The wind biting at my legs, I start the truck up and run back inside. OOOOO out of breath and shivering. I gather all my husband's stuff, his glasses, hat, lunch, two travel mugs and I wait for him to appear from the bedroom. Off to work he goes then it is time to get the kids up. The day continues with just a slight fight with my daugher because she wants her boyfriend to come over before school. The house was kind of a mess so I am running around at 6am trying to quickly straightened up the house so her boyfriend can come over. What is wrong with this picture. I quickly get ready for work, son off to the bus stop then drive my daughter and her boyfriend to school. As I drive to work I think about my daughter's upcoming cheerleading trip that has cost me 3 grand so far. I just picked my car up from the mechanic, I brought it in for an oil change. Easy enough... HA! Four hundred dollars later... Belts, brake pads ect... and a list of upcoming stuff. Serp. Belt, tires, and some other stuff I can not remember. My mind was racing and racing with so much money just going right out the window.

Well I arrived at work already out of sorts. Work was BUSY so much going on. We are in a transitional period a brand new bookkeeper, who I might add is finding some very interesting information. The priest is leaving at the end of February and we are looking for a new rector add in the end of year tax nonsense and BLAM! CRAP day!! Well I got to do the payroll, a very simple task that I do twice a month forever. I was showing the bookkeeper the process and my son calls. Great news!!!!!!!!!!! EXCELLENT report card..... yeah with that I made in error on the payroll. The more I tried to fix the worst it was getting.
Well this continued for two hours. I was ready to scream. The bookkeeper just looked at me as I was slowly falling apart as I watched the clock. Knowing I had to feed my family, I needed to go to Annapolis and get my daughter to cheerleading practice. Finally I reached my breaking point. I called my employees and explained their checks would be one day late. They all said it was fine thank God. Out of work quickly, I rushed to get home. I was suppose to pick my mom up, then my son and over the bridge to Annapolis. Well I was talking to my friend on the phone and drove right past my mom's house. GROWLSSSSSSSSS I was not happy. So I picked up my son, back tracked to pick up my mom then to Annapolis. I had to buy all new pots and pans because mine are old. I have those Visions (the glass ones) well I guess with age they are beginning to crack. Another four hundred bucks. Finishing up the errands continuing to clock watch and rushing like a maniac. Begin the trek home noticing the time acckkkk no time to make dinner. So I drop my mom off, call in an order to Squistos for pizza. I pick up the pizza and rush home.
My son and I rush home because it is going to be close getting my daughter to cheerleading. I run in drop off the pizza and my son. I pick up my daughter who is in the middle of a meltdown. Crying and pissed because her brother almost got straight A's.The entire drive to cheerleading she is yelling at me about now she is the dumb one. I had to chuckle my son's report card is always a step behind hers and on this day he beat her. Well we arrive at cheerleading a few minutes late. I can see they are already practicing. She is hysterical and in no shape to go into practice.
I go into cheerleading practice as my daughter stays in the car to compose herself. I hand over another check to cheerleading, $150 this time for February's fees. Every month it is something different February is a light month I guess. Well I guess because I had to buy a jogging suite for 150 dollars and a team sweatshirt for 25. So the coach looks at me and says where is she? I said in the car in meltdown mode. She said go tell her to get over it and get in here now. (no sympathy) I continued to run errands, pick up miss muffet and go home after practice. I was so exhausted by the time I arrived home I felt like someone sucked the life out of me.

I sat wondering if this is what life is all about. It took everything out of me. I think my mind is much more on finacial stuff than anything else. I am sick of being in debt up to my ears. My husband and I both work hard and I just wish it was easier.

Some parts of the weekend were beyond belief wonderful!!!!! Others were not so great! My daughter had a cheerleading competition on Saturday. FIERCE COMPETITION!!!! My daughter's team received fourth place out of ten teams. She was pissed! She is a very sore loser. She takes it so personally. She felt like it was her fault. Her team had two drops, same girl as always (the coach's daughter) it was not my daughter's pod but still it was her fault. Well it is very hard for me to deal with her nonsense when they lose. I am the one paying out the ass for cheerleading so I expect a much better attitude. Plus this competition was 7 hours long. We left the house at 2:30 and did not get home until after 11pm. Imagine thousands of screaming girls for that long, ughhhh.....

I need to catch up on blogs and catch up on writing in my blog. There does not seem to be enough time in the day, maybe I will give up on sleep.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Perfect Morning

Inspired by the most beautiful crescent moon this morning! Cold Clear Dark Brisk Morning
Stars shining brightly around a crescent moon
A beautiful silence surrounds the home
The world is still asleep
My children asleep like angels resting in the clouds
The glow of a warm inviting fire
Shadows of the flames dancing in the darkness

The Perfect Morning

Monday, January 23, 2006

Finally The Michael Pays Attention to Me

I have been tagged by Michael because and I quote the Michael "Cherish (just cause she thinks I don't pay attention to her)" Finally Michael pays attention to me and I have to do work, whats up with that?????

1. 4 jobs I've had:
Parish Administrator
Project Manager
Stay at home Mom
Medical Assistant

4 Movies I would see over and over again:
Ever After
The Secretary
50 First Dates
4th is a tie: A Kings Tale/Excalibur/Princess Bride

3. 4 Places I've lived.

4. 4 Favorite TV shows:
Cold Case Files
American Justice
Whos Line is Anyway
City Confidential

5. 4 Places I've been on Vacation:
Niagra Falls, Canada
London, England
Puerto Rico

6. 4 Favorite Foods:
Stuffed Lobster
Steamed Crabs
Anything Chocolate

7. 4 Places I'd rather be:
In a better financial situation
In a mansion because I am rich
In smaller clothes
In Spring or Fall
(I love living in Maryland so I will stay here!)

8. 4 Sites I visit:
Tim Elvis
Jim C

9. 4 Other Bloggers I'd wish this upon and also visit:
Top Cat
Still Searching

10. 4 Things I'd rather do than answer tags:
Hanging out with my kids
Playing with my dog
Talking on the phone

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Girl Kidnapped forced Sex Slave

I was watching America Justice last night. It was about the girl who was kidnapped by this psycho who kept her as a sex slave for 7 years. I had heard this story previously it was the infamous case of the guy who kept the girl in a box under his bed. I am sure if you are old like me you have seen this story at sometime in your life. What a sad sad story and my heart broke for this woman. It was very interesting to see the details of this case like only American Justice or Cold Case files could tell it. They are my most favorite shows ever. Once they had a Cold Case marathon on and I could not move as I was glued to the television even though I had already seen every single episode previously. I guess that is like me being able to watch I Love Lucy over and over again even though I know every episode word for word. Yes I know it is a sickness, hehe. Hey give me a break, I was an abused child it makes us quirky, but it's cute right? Okay where is that Ritalin. Back on subject!! Well I was thinking there are so many women in the D/s lifestyle that would have consented to be someone's sex slave. Why kidnap this girl? His wife was submissive to him. Why keep someone against their will. I was at a complete loss as I watched this because I know there are some women who love this treatment. Why not join a D/s club and find someone who would willingly be your sex slave. So my thought is what was the driving force behind the crime. Did the man want a sex slave or did he want to hold someone against their will. Is it more exciting to hold someone as a sex slave that is not consensual? So many questions that will never be answered. I see the beauty of the Dominant/submissive relationship, and I think if I were a Dominant and wanted a sex slave it would be so much more meaningful to have someone who consented and wanted to be my sex slave.

Beautiful Sunrise

A very special friend sent me this beautiful picture this morning so I would have a great start to my day. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

MeMe Tagged by Phil

I have been tagged by Phil to do the MeMe tag.

"The rules are simple: now that you have been busted, you must confess to 3 things that you do that others don't know about."

I have pretty much told everything about me when I did the 101 things about me.

But here it goes:

1. When I eat peanut M&Ms I like to bite them in half, take the peanuts out, eat the chocolate and then eat the peanuts.

2. When I get to work I wipe my keyboard and phone down with antiseptic wipes even though I do not share my office with anyone. (You just never know, winks)

3. Every night before I go to bed I close my eyes imagine a very hot erotic D/s scene and drift off to sleep. I always hope to have a hot dream but normally do not!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Does Your Blog Mirror Your Personality??

I think my blog mirrors my personality perfectly. But of course sometimes you are too close to a project.

Okay I just had to slip in a sexy picture!!

I have been reading blogs and I often wonder if the person behind the blog is as I perceive them to be. I have met some people from blog world and some are just as I perceive them to be and others are not.


Blogging Buddy #1: I started visiting his blog then he returned to visit mine. After commenting a few times on each other's blog we started emailing each other. Then we started instant messaging which led us to chatting on the phone. He is exactly like his blog, he comes across as a wonderful person in his blog and he really is a wonderful person.

Blogging Buddy #2: She visited my blog first, then I visited her blog we began emailing, then instant messaging, and finally talking on the phone. I think her blog is very close to her personality but I think her kindness and loving nature does not shine as bright on her blog as it does on the phone, her laughter is priceless.

Blogging Buddy #3: I visited his blog first and was amazed at the compassion and talent of his blog, then he started visiting my blog. His comments always make me feel appreciated. Well we started emailing then instant messaging. He is just as AWESOME in real time as he is in his blog.

Blogging Buddy #4: This buddy's blog drives me NUTS!! When I read his blog I feel personally attacked for my beliefs and who I am. I feel intentionally left out of posts. (I realize this is all in my head) But we started emailing and he is a great person. Then we started instant messaging and he is awesome. But his blog still drives me crazy sometimes.

Blogging Buddy #5: This buddy has a very original blog. It cracks me up and I love to visit it. We started instant messaging and I think he is great. But he is much more normal than I would have ever imagine him to be.

I could go on and on with all the wonderful blogs I read, but I think you have the idea.

So my first question to you is do you think your blog mirrors your personality? My second question is do you think my blog mirrors my personality?

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog, writes in their blogs, and comments on mine. Blogging has been a wonderful experience 95% of the time and I have all of you to thank for it! So..... THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I Have Good News and I Have Bad News

The Bad News First

My Redskins lost yesterday. I am far from a sore loser but I must say the Referees were being paid for by the Seattle Seahawks. That was without a doubt a very poorly officiated game!!!

The Good News:

My daughter's cheer squad took first place at the competition. I am not so sure they deserved first place but who am I to argue. My daughter rocked (of course) hehe well she said she was .5 second late on her one jump and was very upset with herself. Honestly I watched only her and did not see it but she did. They did have a drop on one of their stunts. It was the opposite end of my daughter and she was shocked when I told her. She was asking me who it was? I did not know which girl. She said she will find out, gulps! The one girl was elbowed in the eye and cried the entire routine which is a NO NO>>> See what I mean definitely should have gotten second place. One time I saw a girl get kicked in her mouth, her teeth went flying, she was bleeding and still smiling and doing the cheer. My daughter took a mat dive this week and her nose is cut and bruised up. Anyone who says cheerleading is not sport go to one of the competitions. Well my daughter's boyfriend must love her very much. He went to the competition yesterday. Cheer competitions are LOUD!!!!!! He was with me for 7 hours to watch her perform for 3 minutes. At one point she walked over to tell him she saw him looking at the girls and walk away in a snit. (hehe 14 years old so cute) He looked at me and said ummm I am just watching the competition.

WOW is it ever cold today. The severe winds brought winter back. I am so missing the 60 degree weather of last week. The wind is so bad that my hair felt like a weapon attacking my face and neck.

Well since it is so very cold out. I have decided to make Maryland Crab Soup which is expensive when crabs are not in season but well worth it!! I use crab meat and do not put the shell in the soup like the above picture.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Sunday, try to keep warm if you are in the cold weather!!!

From a Friend

Thank you for the beautiful picture!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I AM A WHORE with a capital W!!

Ahhhh I bet that title gotcha, eh??? grins and winks

Now that I have your attention, let me explain

I am a total self confessed email whore. I LOVE email! I love to hear from my friends. I never realized what an email whore I was until today. Normally I receive a bunch of email during the day. Today NOTHING not one email. I received one email at home this morning from my friend (thank you very much my dear friend, it was short and sweet and I knew you were thinking of me) but since I arrived at work nothing, nada, zelch, zero, and the sad thing is I can not stop checking my email.

So I am here to confess my total addiction to email and blog comments!

I AM GUILTY please be gentle!! Handcuffs, ropes, paddles, whips, belts, flogger, and riding crops only please...hmmm maybe you do not have to be so gentle, winks!

Hello My Name is cherish

I am an email whore

I am working a 12 step program

So hopefully I can stop pimping the streets for email soon. Thank you for your support and allowing me to confess my addiction in this forum.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Erotic, Sensual and Sexy

The other day I was speaking to my very good friend on the cell phone. I just adore talking to him. He has such a wonderful voice and I feel like I am the only person on this earth when I talk to him. Does anyone have a friend who just makes you feel special, safe and secure? When I am talking to him I feel like I am the person I always wished I could be, if only in his eyes. Well I was telling him how I love to look at homosexual porn or movies. That I think it is very erotic to watch a man please another man. To watch a man sucking another man's cock so sensually. Because I know that man knows exactly what to do to please the other man. Who better than a same sex partner to know exactly what to do to completely please their partner? I also like to see a man making love to another man, all different positions, it is very sexy especially when the man receiving the attention is masturbating.

I went on to tell him how erotic it is to see two women together. They are so soft and they know exactly how to touch, lick and suck the other woman perfectly. I love to see two women touching each other. Soft, sensual, slow, easy and I think it is beautiful. When I see a woman performing oral sex on another woman it is very hot. You just know that woman knows exactly where to lick, where to suck and where to nibble to please her partner.

But I must admit nothing turns me on more than seeing a woman and man together. They fit together perfectly. It is like two perfect puzzles pieces that interlock. I love to see the softness of the woman at the hands of her man. It is so very sensual and erotic if he is making love to her or if he is fucking her brains out.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Well It Wasnt Pretty

Redskins beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today. The offense sucked immensely, our defense won the game. I hope our offense will show up at the next game or we are in big trouble. I have been a Redskin fan since I can remember. I miss the Hogs!! NOW that was football!!! I am really enjoying the SKINS victories because it gets old year after year routing for a losing team. But I am faithful and loyal to the Skins; they are my team win or lose. I am leaving you with pictures of the cheerleaders so hopefully the comments will not be too mean.

See the purdy gals!!!