Friday, December 30, 2005


Inserts Sexy Pictures because everyone seemed to like the picture of the nurse on my last post, shameless promotion to get comments!!

Make a comment or I will arrest you! hmmm changes that to make a comment or I will not arrest you!!


I have been reading blogs, blogs and more blogs over the past few days. I find it is the place that relaxes me and turns off my brain to everyday stresses. Everyone is reflecting and I love to read about it. I am also enjoying reading everyone's resolutions as well.

I think this Christmas has been my Christmas of discovery and reality. My children are growing up and I am not happy about it. They had no real interest in Christmas this year. They are much more interested in talking or texting their love interests.

I mean decorating, making cookies or watching Christmas specials. We use to hang out watching all the Christmas shows. I miss hearing their laughter.

My son and I did make one batch of cookies but I made all the others by myself. ~pouts~ I miss my little helpers.

My son decorated our tree by himself. My daughter would not help him. I was decorating the rest of the house as he did the tree. He only put on 1/4 of the ornaments we had because he lost interest.

So enjoy your littleones now before they grow up. Before their boyfriends or girlfriends are more important than anything else in the world. My son will be 13 soon and his life is his girlfriend. My daughter just turned 14 and her life is her boyfriend. Actually my son and his girlfriend are funny because they are in that puppy love but not serious or anything. Thank God her parents are not ready for her to have a boyfriend. But I must say this little girl will do absolutely anything to see or talk to my son. I think the forbidden fruit is coming into play here. But my daughter ugghhhhh BIG LOVE!!!! Her boyfriend is so inlove with her and she loves him but he is IN BIG LOVE!!! I am so NOT ready for all of this. I want my babies back!!!!! Time flies so please enjoy your time with your littleones while you can. So I have been reflecting back on my pre empty nest syndrome and missing my babies. I have also been reflecting on all my blessings. I am so very fortunate and thankful!


At 12/30/2005, Blogger Rocky Jay said...

OK, I'm leaving a comment... when are you gonna arrest me? I'm very naughy and WILL resist the arrest...

P.S. In order to get more comments, you might wanna enable others than 'Bloggers' to leave comments as well... just an observation...

At 12/30/2005, Blogger cherish said...

Thank you for commenting Rocky I am sending Officer Sexy Pants to your house.

Thank you for the observation.

At 12/30/2005, Blogger Jack said...

It's good to take stock at these times when things change. It'll keep you from crying and screaming more than is necessary on the day that they finally move out or go off to school or whatever, you know? Things change and it's good to change with them as necessary. And you're quite gifted at finding fitting pictures. And not just the sexy ones, either. Rowr, by the way.

At 12/30/2005, Blogger cherish said...

ummmm Jack my children are never moving out!! They are living here going to college, getting married living here, having children living here!!! One Happy Family!!! *chuckles*

I really loved the pictures on your site!!!! I am happy you liked mine!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!~~

At 12/30/2005, Blogger beadinggalinMS said...

Cherish-uumm I want one of those school girl outfits so I can be arrested by you. ;)

I hate the fact my kids are growing up too. 19,16,13,10 are their ages. Well the 19 yr old moved out to live with his gf in Pensacola. He never calls and it is all about her. She is very selfish with him. They are pretty serious talking marriage and stuff and for awhile she thought she was pregnat. I was not one happy mamma. They are to young. she just turned 17. My 16 yr old just ended his relationship with his girlfriend. It was puppy love. Many many many phone calls between them two. I hope my daughter stays a tomboy forever!! She is the 13 yr old. My baby I know he is 10 but he will always be my baby. He is the only one who helped with the tree and stuff. He helped baked cookies. We watched a few Christmas cartoons together but the older two just said boring!! So I miss them being little during the holidays too. They grow up so fast on us don't they?? huggiezz Linda

word verification-lkhks lk is my initials so the hks stands for hugs & kisses :)

At 12/30/2005, Blogger cherish said...

KEWL Word verification

My daughter was a tomboy hate boys until she turned 14 then all hell broke loose. So heres hoping yours will stay that way!!!!


Happy New Year!

At 12/30/2005, Blogger Jim C said...

Wait until they are in their 20's. We had our first Christmas dinner without my son. He was with his girlfriend's family. That's when things really start changing.

Oh, and I just ran a stop light...

At 12/30/2005, Blogger cherish said...

Jim: I am SOOOOOO not looking forward to those days!! HEY Wait looks what the heck did that man just run a red light. Puts the police car in drive, turns on the siren and chases him down!!

At 12/30/2005, Blogger The Michael said...

Yep, next thing ya know you'll be catching them doing the "nasty" with their "significant others" and it's THEN you'll want your babies back!

I think I preferred pic number one......grin. Keep em coming, I'm shameless that way....grin.

At 12/30/2005, Blogger Paula said...

Been thinking a lot about how much my kids are growing up, too. My son no longer wants to do a lot of the stuff we used to all do together . . . my daughter still likes to decorate and that kind-of thing, but I can see where friends are taking more and more of her focus. *sigh* At least the little ones still want to do the old stuff . ..

At 12/31/2005, Blogger Allan said...

Puppy love ? My 15 yr old daughter is allowed to date at 30. My rule. As for cherishing them while they are young, with any luck, the puppy love can grow and you can be a grandma soon. New young ones to cherish... Get a gun and keep the boys away !!

At 12/31/2005, Blogger Allan said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 12/31/2005, Blogger cherish said...

Michael: I figured number one would be your fav!!! Ummm doing the nasty puhleeezeeee I can not even think about that UGHHHHH Actually there are two 9th graders pregnant at her school. Wonderful teaching tool! The one girl had the same boyfriend forever (like over a year dude=which is like forever in teenage time)when she got pregnant he dumped her told everyone she was whore and it was not his baby. My daughter is having major problems understanding why he is doing that. I told her ALL boys do it!!! wink wink

Paula: It is horrible isnt it? Everyone keeps saying they come back when they are in the twenties. POUTSSSSSSSSSSS that is way too long away!! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!!!

Allan: If I learned anything from my childhood is that kids will do what they want to do but more importantly they will do what their parents say not to do. My daughter is 14 with a boyfriend but I keep tabs on them like nobody's business. I control every aspect of what they are doing. His mom is a stay at home mom, his grandmother lives with them and we are all agree, WATCH THEM!!! hehe... If I would say no you can not date then she would still date him followed with much lying and much sneaking. My son's little girlfriend's father says NO BOYS, NO DATING, NO NOTHING!!! that little girl does everything in her power to spend time on the phone, computer, in person and at school with my son. She lies and sneaks like you can not believe. She has all her friends sneaking and lying to help her see my son and she is 12 years old. Which just reinforces my philosphy allow it but control it!!!! My husband was like you, I told him to take some time and look back into his past to the girls he dated that were not allowed to date, they were the wild ones. He remembered, agreed and now he just bites his tongue. laughs

Thank you so much for visiting and commenting!!!!!!!

At 12/31/2005, Blogger Top cat said...

ummm yoo hoo miss officer lady, I think I'm double parked over there and if I remember I was going 7mph over the speed limit earlier, oh and I flipped the bird to one of the male officers too..whatta ya think?

Like all good things, time marches on, I guess we just have to learn to cherish(sorry)these times with the children just as we did with the cookie baking.
Somehow, I think you already know this and are absorbing the semi grown up times as well.

Happy New Year and may 2006 be your best year ever.

At 12/31/2005, Blogger :phil: said...

We are starting to lose our 12 yr old son already a little. He is growning up fast. He always IMs his friends and he has an iPod now too. Our 5 yr old is still a believer (Santa), it's the greatest. I'm savouring these times very, very much.

P.S. - I need a patdown by officer Judy

At 12/31/2005, Blogger cherish said...

TC: Thank you for commenting and yes I am trying to cherish the grown up things too but I MISS MY BABIESSSSS!!!! chuckles my kids are so close in age it seems we are losing both at one time. But they are great kids and I do appreciate them.
Excuse me TC the radio... listens a sexy cat flipping off male officers, speeding and now double parked. Oh not on my watch, turns on Siren watch out TC I am coming to get you!!!!

PHIL: Enjoy your five year old!!!! Be patient with your 12 year old and just remember it is the natural progression of life (that is what I repeat to myself over and over again)
Up against the wall Mister and spread em!!!!!

At 12/31/2005, Blogger cherish said...

TC: Happy New year!!! best wishes always to you and your family

At 1/03/2006, Blogger LocuTus of Borg said...

Ouch teenagers in love - then they have to go through the pains of "breakin up" which is more horrible than when they are madly in love. The years do go by quickly don't they?

At 1/03/2006, Blogger cherish said...

Too quickly LoB! I was relieved that school was back in session because I was so tired of my daughter having her boyfriend over.


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