Saturday, October 29, 2005



We finished our season last night and we are the first team in our league to ever be undefeated. Now off to the playoffs. Last night was a fantastic game 21 to 0. It was COLDDDDDDDDDDDDD we were all under blankets screaming and cheering for our boys. Of course my boy was a superstar. chuckles Okay well he is always a superstar in my eyes. But for a kid who tried baseball and hated it. He tried wrestling and mom hated it because it was so unorganized He tried lacrosse and we both hated it. He tried band, the drums ugghhhh but did not want to practice just wanted to be great. He has definitely found his nitch in life. This boy rocks at football!!!!!!!!! He is going to be something really special. This is only his second year playing and I wish he would have had an interest in football when he was younger but I guess he was too busy finding his nitch. Oh well I hope he will always have great coaches to teach him. I am always proud of my son and daughter, they are great kids even though I complain. I know they could be so much worse. As I look down the street and see the home of a pregnant 14 year old who's mother is excited about the new baby. Help me here am I crazy but if my girl was pregnant I do not know what I would do or where I would turn but excited is not one of the emotions I would be feeling. My heart breaks for this little girl. Because regardless of anything she is a little girl. I remember one time my daughter and her hooked up. She rode her bike down to play with my daughter a few years ago when they first moved in. Well my daughter was not allowed off the street and was still playing with Barbies. This girl could ride her bike anywhere she wished. Needless to say my daughter held her interest for less than a week. When she first arrived at our house my husband was like who the hell is that? I replied a girl from our daughter's class. He looked at me quite puzzled and said are you sure? She looks 10 years older. Well my daughter just turned fourteen a few weeks ago. Three years ago we were at the Island carnival (You know one of those little traveling carnivals) Well my children wanted to go on this one ride, as we are walking over I see a girl with the shortest shorts I have ever seen, her ass is all hanging out, she is kind of chunky so her belly is hanging out and she has this white tight shirt on that you could see her bra and boobs. I was thinking oh my this is great because I had my son. Well we get in line and I see that the girl has her bellybutton pierced she turns around and says hey to my daughter. My jaw hits the ground, I look at my daughter WHO IS THAT? She said Brandy I almost feel over. I said she has her belly button pierced?? My girl said mom she had that done in 5th grade. Okay what the hell am I talking about... I started talking about my superstar son and ended up on a poor pregnant child. Pops a ritalin.... Well I will keep you all informed during the playoffs. Winks to Lori because I know she cares about my son's football!


At 10/29/2005, Blogger Lori said...

Yeah!!! Is it to early to start singing We are the Champions! I wish I was there with you in the cold watching the game sounds like alot of fun!
Whose the number one football mom Cherish!

At 10/30/2005, Blogger cherish said...

Thanks Lori huggsssssss A bit too early but we will have a blast singing it soon, I hope!!!

hehe see I knew you cared!!


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