Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Party is Over

Okay I have put my pity party behind me and realize how ridiculous I am for having such feelings. HELP ME I want to get off this rollercoaster ride that is my emotional state.

My daughter has Cheerleading Choreography Camp this weekend. She hates her practice uniform and was in a complete meltdown over it this morning. She is a lot like my husband in the sense that she gets all worked up over stuff that she has no control over. I told her wear the uniform or quit the team that you worked so hard to get on. She just looked at me like I was pure evil.

My son has a game tonight and playing one of the best teams in our league. I am hoping this team comes in just thinking they will beat us easy, because they always do. If they do we will win today and remain undefeated. Fingers crossed!!! Our guys deserve a huge win!! Our cheerleaders beat their cheerleaders at a competition in Washington DC two years ago and their parents actually booed our cheerleaders. They do not handle losing well and I was shocked. But it was a great lesson for our girls about being sore losers and their coach took the opportunity to teach them a life lesson about it.

We have put an order for a half of bushel of steamed blue crabs and I am soooo excited. Yummy yummy mmmmnnn... Okay now I am drooling! There is just something about blue crabs steamed with Old Bay YUMMMMM!!!! We all laugh because even though we live on an Island, the kids are born and raised here, the seafood is so wonderful here my daughter does not like seafood. We call her a land lubber chuckles... my son loves seafood like we do. We go to seafood resturants on the Island and she orders chicken and the wait staff always says ahhh a landlubber eh? she rolls her eyes but we think it is funny.


At 9/17/2005, Blogger Cliff Stern said...

I envy you your crabs! (How often can a guy say that to a girl!) I still have a can of Old Bay in my cabinet even though it's been years since I lived near the bay.

At 9/18/2005, Blogger cherish said...


They were delicious!

I am always shocked when I speak to people on the West Coast and they have never heard of Old Bay.

Boy are they missing out!


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