Thursday, September 22, 2005

One Sided Love

I no longer believe in magical love. I think it is nonsense and I know that is awful to be like that but I think the magical love is the one sided love. The love that one person has for another that is so deep and so passionate that it draws the other person in and he thinks he feels the love as deeply as her. But... then after a few months reality hits, and their relationship crashes and burns. There is no such thing as I love you enough for both of us. True love lasts, and the passion that grows from true love is magical. Lust and passion passes because in our hearts we want true love. One sided love is nothing more than one person's obsession for another. I think love has to be mutual for it to be love. Am I crazy here? Or am I GULPS maturing??? growing up? Falls to the floor, kicks feet and pounds the ground with my hand nope nope nope I refuse to grow up!!!!

Wishes everyone a love that is mutual, passionate and true.


At 9/23/2005, Blogger katehopeeden said...

I have also given up on "magical love". In fact, I have pretty much given up on "soul mates" too. I think that when I find someone to be with, if I do, it will be someone who I love and who I get along with... and it will probably be after I have gotten tired of dating and feel like settling down...

At 9/23/2005, Blogger cherish said...

I think the most magical love is the one that is steadfast and true. It seems like it should all be peaches and cream, fireworks, and explosions but.... that is fantasy. The real magic comes from someone loving you unconditionally and you returning their love.

Thanks for commenting!


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