Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Mother's Pride

Well tonight was my son's second game of the season. His team is undefeated at the moment and we are thrilled. My son's football team is usually the underdogs. We come from an Island and our football team accepts every child who tries out for the team. The teams we play are from a big county they have 200 kids come out and then they start weeding the kids out. The best kids stay and the rest are history. So you can imagine our teams get beat unmercifully. But our guys know how to lose with pride. The funniest thing happened last year, our team was losing 42 to nothing. Well I am not sure how many games it had been since we scored any points too many to mention I am sure. Well the score is 42 to nothing on a brisk autumn evening and we are playing under the lights. Well our teams has the ball, they hand it off, the kid doubles back goes across runs and runs,. we are all on our feet screaming like maniacs. Every single parent adorning the teams colors. The boy runs and SCORESSSSSS. We go nuts, we are screaming, yelling, airhorns, you would have thought the boy just run the winning touchdown in the superbowl. We have been told many times over that our parents are the most supportive parents and we impress other teams with our team loyalty. Well needless to say our boys worked so hard and had a very horrible year last year. It was heartbreaking after every game how do you explain to a 11 year old why they always lose. Well, let me just say 7 to nothing for the first game, and 20 to nothing at today's game. My boy played defense second string last year. It was his first year playing and as the season started winding down they realized that he is a good player. So the last two games he was first string defense. Well this year he is on the first string offense and defense, he plays the entire game and we are so very proud of him. He is amazing and I am so proud of him of his courage. We took him out to dinner after the game. He ate half his dinner and then about fell asleep in the booth. He laid his head on my husband's arm and just sat quietly. He slept the entire way home from the restaurant. Poor guy was beat!

My daughter is a cheerleader and no longer cheers for football. She strictly cheers for competitions now. She just made the allstar elite team and we are very proud of her. They just began practices and they look good. I will have to write more once her competitions start. Anyone who says cheerleading is not a sport come talk to me. This is one of the most physical sports I have ever seen. You can not believe how in shape these girls are. I know, when you think of cheerleaders you think of those cute little hardbodies with blonde hair, no brains, and saying rah rah. Well sit down and watch competitive cheerleading for 10 minutes and you will see how amazing these girls are.

I am very proud of both of my children because unlike me they stood up and followed their dreams with amazing courage, when I would sit on the sidelines only wishing I had the guts to go for it.


At 9/11/2005, Blogger Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

Let me ask you ... is golf a sport?

I really wonder at times... cos just look at the players... they don't seem fit SOMEHOW.. i have not seen any athletic golf guys.... i saw bellies instead.... :P

At 9/12/2005, Blogger cherish said...

chuckles I agree completely RHSP ~winks~


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