Thursday, September 29, 2005

Homecoming Dress Shopping UGHHH

The night from hell!! I brought my daughter out to find a homecoming dress aka prom gown. They say homecoming dress but what they really mean is gown. Well my daughter and I could not be anymore different if we were not of the same human race. I swear she is part alien or something. Someone came down and took my sweetbaby and left this teenage alien. Well she has as much attitude as she has looks. I know she is my daughter and I am prejudice. But she is beautiful and I have people telling me all the time how gorgeous she is. She is very exotic looking and I always have people asking me what is her nationality. (We are half Italian half german but look completely Italian ) She has thick wavy dark brown hair, dark brown almond shape eyes and sun kissed skin. She is a beauty that has no clue she is beautiful. She thinks she is ugly and can make you a vast list of things she would like to change. I do not understand how she does not see her beauty. Especially when she is told all the time how beautiful she is by other people. She just says they are being nice. I am happy she is not conceded but I would love for her to have a healthy self esteem. Now saying that my son is gorgeous as well but he is not as dark as her. He has sandy brown hair, lighter skin and dark brown eyes. The girls at school go crazy over him. I am not sure that is his looks or his personality. He is the class clown. But I do not have people stopping me for him like they do for her. But I think he is just as beautiful. Its funny when people say oh she is beautiful or he is handsome I always say thank you then I chuckle and think why I am thanking them I had nothing to do with how beautiful they are.(I gave birth to them but God made them beautiful inside and out) WOW did I get off the subject or what? Okay pops a Ritalin and gets back on track. Okay shopping for this dress was like a slow torture and I found myself begging for mercy. Three generations, three completely different tastes in clothes and three very strong personalities shopping for one dress. My mother, myself and my daughter fought with each other up and down the mall. She would put one dress on I would love it, my mother liked it and daughter hated it. Of course those positions changed with each dress. She did have one dress she tried on at Hot Topic, she comes out and it looked cute but was made for someone with a much bigger chest. She proceeded to pull at the cups in the top saying if I had bigger ones this would not be so bad, I almost fell over. Well then she continued prancing around pulling on the top and was drawing a crowd of boys... I said umm back in the dressing room and take it off. But it was hysterical!! Well we did find a beautiful dress at J.C.Pennys, $150 bucks for a ninth grader to go to the homecoming, last year she hit me up for a dress $150 bucks for an eight grade end of the year dance. She told me and I quote "Mom I will wear again and again please I love it and want it." Well.... I fell for it. When I mentioned her wearing it again she looked at me with much attitude and said that butt ugly dress. Oh man was I pissed and she said well I liked it last year but this is a new year and I am older. What the heck? oh well... needless to say the Queen of Mean got what she wanted as always. There is a long story why she is so spoiled and I will write that another time. I know I complain about her but really she is a good kid. I can deal with a little attitude. Considering there is a 9th grader pregnant in her school. I see how the girls dress like whores. My girl is so shy she would never wear those clothes. She feels strange in her cheerleading uniform and complains that the practice uniform is way too short. She is just now starting to notice boys. Heck my son has had a girl friend from 3 year old preschool to the present he has always loved the girls. So although I complain I am blessed with two wonderful kids.


At 9/30/2005, Blogger Lori said...

Your children sound wonderful. 3 generations out dress shopping at the mall wish I was there to see it.

At 9/30/2005, Blogger cherish said...

hehehe It was NOT pretty!!!

At 9/30/2005, Blogger LocuTus of Borg said...

I am sure that would have been a sight to see heehee ;). Teen age years, just always remember how you were when you were her age. Kids are a parent's revenge, so now you get to go through all the pleasures of experiencing teenage years again ... from a different perspective.

At 9/30/2005, Blogger cherish said...

Heyyyyy I was a good girl, sweet, nice and no attitude!!


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