Friday, September 02, 2005

Gas O line

Well gas has hit 3.59 here as of 3pm this afternoon. The lines are forming and the waiting begins. Not sure what happened earlier today, but rumors were flying that the Governor was going to start shutting down gas stations to conserve gas. Well this sent everyone in a complete panic, hence the lines started forming. Well the Governor issued statements saying the rumors were false and he was not shutting down the stations. Who knows? But I am sure there is a case of a government official lying some where right? chuckles.... All I know is when my car get to 3/4 of tank I top it off. The above link is where to find cheap gas in your area. But I think at this juncture it is pointless because the prices are changing hourly. But once it stabilizes I hope it will be help to someone. Of course it did not even list my area.


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