Tuesday, September 20, 2005

And You Were There, and You and You

This is my second time typing this darn thing, I almost bagged it but it was so funny I had to write about it.

Okay now I know I am nuts... I woke up this morning feeling like Dorothy after visiting Oz when she wakes up and says to her friends; and you were there, and you were there and you were there.... Well I had a dream last night and it had all the people who's blogs I read in it. I had a party and everyone was there. RHSP and I were in the bathroom looking at these little knick knacks that were broken all over the floor. Which is funny in itself because I do not like clutter and do not have any knick knacks out anywhere in my house. RHSP kept saying what happened? why do you think this happened? I do not understand why it happened. I said to him I have no idea but we need to get it cleaned up before someone steps on it. With that Richard comes in, steps on the broken glass and cuts his foot on it. RHSP and I help Richard to the kitchen, where Kate was fixing three plates of food for her kids. In the background I can hear the kids laughing and splashing in the pool. Kate puts the plates down, comes over to Richard, looks at his foot and faints. Cliff and Phil come in from outside, and help Kate to a chair where she comes to and is fine. We decide that Cliff and I will take Richard to the hospital. We go out the back door, where the biggest party is going on. There is a big sign that says welcome home Malcom. We help Richard to Cliff's red jeep and take off for the hospital. The wind is blowing in our faces (the top and doors are off the jeep) and the sun is shining bright. We get up to the bridge and it is backed up. (I figure this comes from yesterday a tractor trailer turned over on the bridge and traffic was snarled) Cliff said we will walk over the bridge it will be fine. So we helped Richard hoble across the bridge (the bridge is 6.5 miles long, laughs) When we get off the bridge instead of Cliff and Richard it was my best friend Dave, my friend's daughter and me; and Dave and I were both holding my friend's daughter's hand and we were doing one, two, three SWING. Then I woke up!

Okay so no more reading blogs and eating ice cream right before bed!! hehe

Richard, Phil, Kate and Malcom looked like they do in their blog pics. I have not seen Cliff or RHSP, in the dream; Cliff was tall, slender, with dark hair and light eyes, RHSP was shorter with black hair and dark eyes.

Dorothy welcome to OZ

THANKS KATE!!!!! I now know how to do the link thingy... yes I know my computer terminology is beyond believable!


At 9/20/2005, Blogger ;phil; said...

What an interesting dream. I've yet to dream about bloggers. I'm glad I was being helpful.

You're not in Kansas anymore ;-)

At 9/20/2005, Blogger cherish said...

You are always helpful in my dreams Phil ~winks~ it was pretty strange but kind of cool too.

At 9/20/2005, Blogger LocuTus of Borg said...

WOW!! I am surprised and honored! It is funny that I was in your dream and never really met me in person. I too have never dreamed of someone from the blog world. Thank you for thinking of me in my time of need and helping me so much! =)

At 9/20/2005, Blogger cherish said...

Grinz well this was a first for me dreaming about the people I read their blogs, I guess I peek into your lives, so I brought you into mine. Just so you know you were very brave!!! not one tear. grinz

At 9/23/2005, Blogger katehopeeden said...

I would so not faint, just so you know for future dream references ;)
I have three kids, I have cleaned up everything from blood, to poop, to puke :)
Too funny. I can't even imagine having a dream about all the blogs I read, lol.

At 9/23/2005, Blogger cherish said...

chuckles okay Kate next time no fainting for you but hey maybe two really hunky men fainting and the two of us saving them with mouth to mouth... I will put that on the dream agenda!


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