Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Deep Sorrow

The pictures from the aftermath of Katrina are beyond heart breaking. I do not have the words to describe the complete sadness and empathy I feel for these people. My heart bleeds for them and the vast loss. I can not seem to turn off the television. I am not a big watcher of the television normally, but it is like an addiction. It really puts my problems into perspective. I just can not believe such devastation. I wonder when all the other countries will come to our aid. When catastrophes happen other places we are the first ones to put our hands in our pockets and help others. When Florida was devastated by four hurricanes last year I never heard of one concert or aid pouring in. Who made us everyone's saviors. I can barely pay my monthly bills but the taxes keep being removed and the aid keeps leaving the states. When was "charity begins at home" lost on the American government?

My prayers are with all those in the affected areas.


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